$NEFTY token launch unboxing and profit potential analysis

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Usually I prefer not to tout alt coin projects especially on WAX, $NEFTY is going to be different then other WAX alts perhaps the first crypto alt of its kind. A little while ago I posted about this $NEFTY sale & included the whole white paper.

On purpose I didn't spell out what I noticed about $NEFTY token and its functions in its relation to NEFTY Blocks.
You see the section Buyers liquidity mining this Liquidity mining of $NEFTY which is scheduled to last 7 years.

Is directly affected by users purchasing NFTs off Nefty Blocks, even doubling the reward if you utilize $NEFTY to pay. You can increase the rewards further by staking $NEFTY.
You see while not main stream they do considerable business on Nefty Blocks. See how the number of transactions has steadily increased. This is due to a rise in Nefty Blocks based NFT collections popularity.

Now until $NEFTY their token launched this was simply to the fact Nefty Blocks made producing really elaborate NFT collections with packs blend use case easy. Now producing your NFT colection with and dropping it trough Nefty Blocks market will become increasingly profitable as well.

See the artists or NFT creators selling through Nefty Blocks and Staking $NEFTY will earn much more for their sales overall.

This is a self fulfilling prophecy of sorts already we have a perfect storm incentivizing NFT collections to be elaborate well thought out and profitable.

Add to this already absurdly profitable scenario The added functions that staking NFT creators are granted.
Giving the Nefty market a form of governance & special NFT colection features. This will make these $NEFTY tokens increasingly valuable in my opinion.

Keep in mind I am not a financial advisor & this is opinion based, & meant to cause you to do your own research. The Nefty Site is listed below.

See those collections all Nefty based NFT projects, All of which have high sales metrics on the after market peer to peer.
Above are the P2P market figures for farmers world the one on the left of their top sellers. Currently this is the WAX markets largest NFT colection sale volume. Passing both Splinterlands and alien worlds MLB all of them selling less in the last 24 Hours then Farmers World,
A Nefty Blocks based NFT colection passing their biggest collections. This is serious money and $NEFTY Token will be seriously valuable to their company.
Little under an hour to go until they drop this is why I gave everyone advanced notice all month but assuming you want to try and buy one here is the drop likely sold out.
I managed to procure $150 USD worth of these 400 count packs.
The opening is scheduled for tomorrow, this is why I'm going to be switching gears here to a few other NFT collections.

Monsters of Rap unboxing?

You ever had a $20 you lost months ago show up and say hey here's your money. Oddly enough this just happened to me, got to say this is why blockchain is Awsome. When MLB NFT colection was introduced to WAX it caused server issues for a while and I tried opening a pack when it failed.
For some reason Green Rabbit found it and reminded me, middle middle middle & I finally got to unbox these long forgotten NFTs.
Results epic I hate R2 Collections now but when they made these they actually did it right. Introducing a level of scarcity since lost to their collections.
All together at minimum market price with a down market there is well over $100 here. Not bad for a total loss.


I know right surprised me to actually made the pack opening deadline well done.
Have no idea if this project will succeed, however they picked a perfect time as with Splinterlands packs to expensive to open I'm jonsing for a NFT pack fix. So I look at the newly established NFT market for Muterra & shockingly people are listing them at like $1,000 or higher.

Ok well I got one rarer then the one they marked for $1,000 and a copy of the same one they valued at $1,000. It did help with the Splinterlands jones so I opened another pack.
A gold card & not much else but it was cool the market also the packs function & I get to chase the quite literal dragon.

However packs have been sold out for a while you will have to get them from Hive Engine.
Here's their blog on Hive
BTW happened to notice something their payment options for their NFT market are HIVE and SWAP.WAX.

When this build catches up to their roadmap I see big things for Muterra well done thus far DEVs keep it up.

Green Rabbit

Big day today love that I skip work to do this shit awesome way to earn cash compared to digging a F$cking hole.

Now we are at a bit of a half way point with the latest aspect of the green rabbit build. None the less I have acquired a few Green prints and some important intel.


On September 7th when crafting begins we will be introduced to Shell Processing Unit power, or SPU for short. SPU will be obtainable y leasing of SHELL (Shellinium) SHELL will also be required to be burned as well as leased.

This is why I recommended you got into this project last month. Always read the white paper people it tells you everything you need to know to get ahead of the market.

So rant over for a min SHELL is about to go to the Moon maybe even mars.

I will be throwing a Green print into the airdrop today, though it is not likely you can use it. After September 7th you should be able to sell it for a good amount of money.

How much I have airdropped

The NFTs I have airdropped are valued to date well over $1,000, I haven't made that from posts so why do it ?

Furthermore why continue to increase the value of the airdrops?

Simple I never thought I would make it this far with NFTs and crypto, due to my unending disbelief I continue to provide the leg up necessary for others to get a shot.

There isn't much I want from life, I can make due with very little & have for years before this unexpected success.

So Like another Hive user ( well he has HIVE crypto) More or less I plan on dying with nothing in my bank account.

For those unaware of whom I'm talking about I am referring to Mr.Beast a successful social media influencer with a net worth of billions of dollars.

Not that I am aiming for that level of success, its just a good concept over all.
That Hive token links to his official store and the link above is Mr.Beasts YouTube channel.

Any way I need money to make more money but I try to give out as much advice and NFTs as possible. Hoping others try and replicate what I have done & succeed as I have.

My Splinterlands guild

Guild brawls just finished so given I said I would buy the https://ecency.com/@canna-curate guild a market level 1 out of pocket. The hell with it lets set roughly $70 on fire wow just realized that's like my pot habit every 2 days.
Now our guild can start earning merits for brawls we participate in.

Who knows maybe if I get a little more money to blow on the guild and the people in charge of the guild are cool with it maybe we do a tournament.

My goals if I make it big

Just shy of taking back my hometown from the local corruption. I just want to see others succeed on WAX and Hive hell NFTs and crypto in general.

Oh about the corruption thing the local government doesn't even have to follow federal regulations regarding price fixing utilities. Slum lords dont have to keep their properties to code & I know people that have died as a result of that.

While the same regulation's are harshly levied against anyone else. Any way these slum lords and people in charge ere are small fry in comparison to say many successful crypto investors.

In the event I see this level of success I intend on giving this town back to those that built it. Oh dont believe what I'm saying is a good thing, the opposite in fact this town was built with organized crime.

No joke the local buildings including the bar where frequented by Al Capone. He even owned my friends old lake house at one point.

Though I'm not putting the Mafia back in charge, I will get rid of the system currently functioning as an unchecked criminal organization.

By which I mean the police court house and local governing councils.

Nothing would make me happier the a hand reaching out of the mud to grab them by their throat. After that I'm good nothing left to do no plans or goals outside that.


After this dont care really guess marijuana festivals giving random people money shit like that. Hell dare I dream it safe tap water.

Single claim NFT airdrop URL

This is a airdrop of 6 NFTs on a first come first serve basis and can only be claimed by a single lucky reader. If you the lucky one that receives the airdrop and there is less then 6 NFTs check you WAX wallet white list settings.
This drop is sure to appreciate in value that monsters of rap NFT is quite old already.

Once claimed please let the other readers know in the comments it helps.

When my posts do well airdrops get bigger so please re blog, like, comment, and subscribe to get more large airdrops just like this one.

Perhaps your interested in purchasing any of my NFTs from my ever expanding collection you may do so here.

My stock constantly rotates so it changes daily

Prospectors topping the NFT sale value for 3 days now also a free to play game check it out at the link below. BTW they have roulette so the Martingale system works here however no site reward and its not a large project so doing this could be detrimental. this game is free it makes real crypto give it a shot its not bad honestly you can make quite a bit on it.

more free WAX games, rewarding free NFTs/Crypto
Rising star is a totally free HIVE game no input for steady output my kind of investment.
Oh I guess now Torum to

Thunder Token is free to mine off a phone app & recently it was bridged with BSC as well as being Bridged with ETH already so its currently shooting up in value. You can still produce it for free here's my referral link.

HIVE games


Faucet with immediate payout to wallet


WAX alts


Your airdrop lasted a little longer today and I was lucky to claim it. It's so cool that you do this. I think you have the right attitude towards NFTs. I hope you do make it big because you've been providing a lot of fun along the way. I've learned about so many project because of you. I'm even playing hashkings and growing buds!

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awesome thanks If I make it big I'm going to pay it forward starting with Hive, cool that you picked up Hashkings that stuff will eventually be worth quite a bit of money. Oh and BTW thanks for letting others know the link was claimed.

I don't have enough to pay it forward but I vote up people's post so hopefully with hive and all the 2nd layer tribes that can add up over time.

I need to power up my Leo again to give out more but Im thinking of buying chaos packs with that money so I powered down.

It's hard to make the right bets but I do like the NFTs with gaming use cases. I got sucked into Alien Worlds a few months ago, I hope that goes somewhere but it's pretty boring at the moment lol.

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I just claim some HIVE from the faucet hehe. Little did I know about it.
Is the $NEFTY staking already up for collectors?

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$NEFTY Staking hasn't yet started as it has just launched a few days ago, I'm not sure as to when it begins.

Alright. I know you'll keep us updated.

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