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Crypto market plummets down NFTs dont notice, while yes traditionally the blockchain the NFT collection is based off is directly linked to the value of the NFT asset in question. WAX NFTs or NFTs based on blockchains other then ETH are more or less unaffected by price flux.


I`m Not a financial advisor this is simply my technique to appraise NFT collections for investing in the NFT collection personally. My opinions should not be considered investment advice, do your own research which is what this is me updating readers on what I'm buying and why as I research each collection their launch, the price, why it rises falls, or stays the same.

While the sky is falling for most investors I'm in hog heaven with sale after sale of NFTs WAX is down to half price this just means they pay double what they would a week ago (when I was buying). WAX was $0.25 now $0.10-$0.15 so what I cant trade out now what makes me believe it wont continue to devalue.

Rather simple actually sales records see this spike
Two popular NFT collection launches simultaneously did this, right on the tail of Robotech pack openings on the 21st the 22nd had two bigger names In the WAX NFT market launched NFT packs as well R2 and graffiti kings did a combination collection together, and Rplanet launched mining NFT packs.

To me this was amazing I have been I the crypto market for a few years nothing stops a drop usually tapper off shelf then if your lucky back up sooner then later.

3 Massive NFT collections reversed a price drop at least momentarily and the WAX blockchain set a new record high for value of assets transferred or sold in 24hr.


No not the droid (that's my one starwars joke ill stop) R2 is one of the main producers of NFTs on the WAX.

Like splinterlands, & KOGS R2 has its own exclusive page on Atomic Hub
On this page you can access existing sales your collection and any active blend use case.

Mutant rockers

Right now they are handing out Collection Completion rewards for mutant rockers a collector needs to have the collection locked in by the Saturday before the drop common collection rewards dropped Friday, deadline for the uncommon collection was Saturday.
This matters because now people are selling off the two tiers of cards below Rare and you can combine the common cards to produce rare cards to sell.
you combine 3 common NFTs get 2 uncommon NFTs
combine 3 uncommon NFTs get 2 Rare NFTs for the next week the completionist`s will be buying the rare mutant rocker NFTs for much higher then the price would have been before. I have most of my stock in rare mutant rocker type currently.
If no one bites by Saturday I burn them and up the value as people scramble to complete their collection to earn the extremely valuable limited minting Drop NFT
the easiest to get selling for $200 currently on a down market

The sales in cards are going to get so expensive because of people like me burning them people start breaking into packs because $30 a 6 pack is cheaper the buying cards to burn.

If I'm wrong not enough people try to complete the collection the final sale wave is inclusion on Rplanet staking which they accidently announced by saying staked assets dont qualify for the NFT drop. Meaning there will be a massive rush to burn the NFTs and get the highest rarity which stakes for the most just guessing unannounced yet but they kind of let it slip.

Got me some moon boys

Graffiti Kings NFT Packs went on sale on the 22nd these NFTs also made by R2 released in much larger quantities then mutant rockers or any of the previous R2 NFT collections.

Not only where there many more NFTs and packs produced there is no guarantee that this collection will feature a burn blend use case.

Making collection completion much harder which is a guaranteed feature, Not only that but the released golden tickets hidden in the packs which correspond to real world merch. These are extremely rare with less then a 1% chance in any pack until they are found.
Beyond Golden ticket is the mug shot NFT
You know only worth about $5,000 a piece only 5 in the world for sale, extremely rare doesn't quite describe it.

The third tier is the extraordinary tier these are not quite as rare with a 1% chance to pop up in any pack.

However they are far from common only 100 of each color of each type or 300 of any one type all together available.
I was buying packs for 33 WAX so I burned through a few while the market was at a high as they where on sale.
Found 4 all together sold one but I'm going to hodl on to the rest, so in a few months I can charge $60 -$100 like I'm currently doing with mutant rockers.


Again got to high forgot to screen grab the expensive packs unboxing so I did a 6 pack I bought for 35- 45 WAX

a mythic NFT not a moonboy but not nothing either.
subjectively I just like this collection given that its R2 & the graffiti shown on many of their NFTs is real just touched up digitally. The golden ticket idea genius with IRL collectable's already tied to the collection just perfect.
Has to be my favorite looks like the (killing joke) joker on a semi trailer so bad ass. Its a common card though the expensive ones are cool just not my favorite I want this moonboy but packs are already close to $10
look at the investment smoking a dooby only 100 of each color exist of this chill little NFT or 300 of each type
100 of these
though different colors they are all valued as the same asset however all three of each will be required for collection rewards months from now. the market will go all sorts of directions in the mean time but when the whole market needs something they only have 100 of I'm sure you can fill in what happens to the price.

It will take a few months ill be right back here posting on a wild ride that I'm thankful I held out through.

For those that held on to packs

last evening Mutant rocker packs where selling for 95 WAX a pack, this morning even with the market going back up the packs are selling at 145 WAX a pack.

This is because it has become cheaper to open a $20 6 pack then to burn your way through collection due to people like myself making it impossible to profit let alone complete a collection this way.

I even got to a point I was second guessing myself but the market is picking up steam as we follow the collection use case.

The rate at which I'm selling NFTs from this collection is much faster then ever before and the final wave hasn't hit yet.

What I call the (Final Wave) is the last use case on the mutant rockers tour Rplanet Staking.
The image above isn't even the full list of stakeable NFT collections on Rplanet its just what would fit on screen at 50% the normal screen size.

All of the bread crumbs lead back to Rplanet which is why I'm saying to watch this project most of all. But every R2 collection finds its way here eventually giving the average user a reason to collect even an incomplete collection after each collection has been claimed.

As the rarety increases the reward for staking increases making packs worth opening even once the blend use case has ended.

This was my hypothesis last R2 collection had helped me formulate, having tracked Mutant rockers this entire time checking announcements and their site regularly I established a working theory.

My theory is now this is how they operate let the collection stand on its own merit first note the problem area and tweak the next launch accordingly.

Now it seems to me that the blend use case is giving them trouble so mutant rockers had a much smaller time window to blend. Graffiti kings might not even have one at all.

I couldn't say for sure without having a little more data, Now that I have seen 3 of their collections run their course I can say that its formulaic yet subject to change.

Front page rule

Here is one of y dumber ideas that seems to be ringing true, Any Dapp with a collection listed on WAX cloud wallet Dapps page does so much better then any standard collection.
If you follow my posts you know I bought Robotech packs, while right now that looks like a bad call It is a front page collection made by Sony/ Funimation

Given the market dropped out on it most would consider it a fail this is what I thought with Now the packs that sold below market listing $10 sell for $70.

They like I have been saying paired with Rplanet making their collection shoot up in demand and value I airdropped some of these check your inventory you might have gotten lucky.

Robotech prices plummeted after launch but WAX is giving their collection the VIP treatment. Either they will intro more burn use cases or collection completion incentive soon a month or so let the market get acclimated judge the NFT collection subjectively then shake shit up.

I got me a Gold NFT full power on this collection the rarest tier.
obtained through their burn use case not opening packs then I increased the assets power level & price
Though yes it will probably sit on this a while it will be worth having in a few months if not sooner.
I have 5 silver level assets full power 1 gold many bronze all obtained through their blend use case.

Right now there is no reason to think this collection is a good investment, but often companies do this to test the design and see what the market values the work at as art first and foremost. If they have to they force the issue with temporary competitions rewards and staking.

Free NFT 1 time airdrop URL

I try to include a single claim airdrop URL for WAX wallet users containing free NFTs, It may only be claimed by the first lucky person to click the link. After claimed once the URL will no longer be active. The lucky reader should receive 5 NFTs if you received less then 5 check your whitelist settings.

once claimed please let other readers know in the comments it helps

Perhaps your interested in purchasing any of my NFTs from my ever expanding collection you may do so here.
My stock constantly rotates so it changes daily
$1,100 USD profit so far, with around 800 verified NFTs in my account posses the top tier rarity of 8 different collections 9 if you count my splinterlands account

Each of which is worth 100s of dollars they do sell may take a while but they sell, that's if I even have them listed If I dont like what the markets telling me at the time I use it to generate money via staking.

or in splinterlands case how much power my account has and DEC each match generates.

all started by writing on hive and playing splinterlands

A new pack generation and drop feature

Not for the big guys but independent producers finally have a simple interface for RNG and Boolean pack systems.
Independent doesn't mean they wont become successful for the frugal NFT investor or producer NFTblocks just made your world so much easier.
only have to be whitelisted no guild or vote necessary boom NFT packs and blend use case just like your grandma use to make (yum that's good ease of use).

No longer scrolling through big markets hoping to catch a launch stroll through the little launches directly.
so stop by and support small creators maybe luck out discover the next big thing but no guarantee, ill probably airdrop some independent packs soon.
The last ultra rare pack I bought made me $70 profit this I believe is an individual NFT launch but this company never let me down before.
sale starts in 2 days has all the available info


great post as usual. Someone grabbed the NFT but didn't make a comment so I will just tell everyone that it is gone lol

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