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Hello people❤️
I'm Channah. A Nigerian from Akwa Ibom state. Feminist, a civil Engineer in the making, fashion enthusiast and designer.
I'm beautiful, proud, a b*tch that can cause this conversation🥴, intelligent, an empath. A lover of life, nature, arts and beauty. I love music. Sia, Nicki, Davido and I love wafers!!!

I'm straight, irreligious, open minded and hence open to learning and unlearning. I'm a radical feminist, a resistance to the patriarchy and misogyny. A staunch believer in humanism and I preach love and kindness.
I respect people irrespective of their tribe, race, sexuality and beliefs unless those beliefs infringe on the rights of others. Injustice and oppression literally breaks my soul and I'm a sucker for a conducive world.

I love this space because it feels ‘safe'. I hope to meet more people, engage and have fun.


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Welcome Channah, is so good to have you here. So lovely to hear you are Engineering (embryo though) 😊.

Thank you @cephas08 ❤️

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