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RE: pieces of old technology

in Proof of Brain3 months ago

It's amazing that you've kept all these computer parts! This is a real trip down memory lane. I remember the SCSI ports. And mice with the roller balls inside. I had a scanner as well at some point. Unlike yourself, I have absolutely no idea where any of my old computer stuff ended up. A consequence of moving around too much I think. :)

I should add that these are top notch photos. I particularly love the dice!



thanx for the !PIZZA, it arrived as I just had my dinner 😋

I am not 100% happy myself with the dice captures... (maybe I will take another take one day!)
my 1st salary that I earned as an editor (editing Shakespeare's novels) I invested into an old UMAX scanner -- it was LPT port scanner, and frankly speaking it was pretty shit device... matching the salary I received. anyway, back in the days it was a treasure, giving me many happy moments...

ofc, its impossible to keep all the stuff, and moving from one place to another makes your luggage lighter and lighter, and in some way it is a good thing. at least, now we can take pics as memos xD