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RE: PoB - first post and How to use your Voting Power

in Proof of Brain8 months ago

Thanks for pointing this out @uwelang. I exclusively use the POB front-end so I don't need to worry about it so much now, but down the line, I'll probably explore some other communities.

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That is interesting, given PoB is new did you just join Hive? Think Dinosaurs like me are probably handling / curating 10-20 communities / tribes without even knowing - it can be complicated here to cover all best practices. I have so many different things to curate so i am more than happy at least a tool exists.

I returned to Hive almost a month ago after a long time away (I was on Steem in 2018). Instead of whizzing round in several communities and trying to stay on top of it all I just decided to focus solely on POB because it's a smaller community right now and I liked the vibe.

I can understand the struggle that people may have who've been here for a while. There is so much going on and it's easy to end up with your fingers in a bunch of pies.

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ok, cool, makes all sense now - welcome back then!

Cheers fella!

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