The Myths and Legends of Modern Materialistic Science.

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Science, The Legends and Myths

As much better theories of how the universe works comes into being,
one tries to discuss these with people on-line.
So, you go, "Hey, got this new theory that disproves Einstein"

And we often get back a huge diatribe of

  • We don't know what we are talking about
  • How dare you, small brained idiot, question your betters
  • If there was a better theory, we would have been told about it in college
  • Go to college and actually learn something

From my viewpoint...
How do we still hold up Einstein as the great edifice of scientific intellect?
Why do we still teach his (plagiarized) material to unsuspecting young scientists?

Maybe (Modern Materialistic) science is a collection of myths and legends?

And maybe this is why one cannot argue against the works of any of the deified giants of science.

Those who would like to actually do science are up against the Holy Prussian University.
The holy texts must never be profaned.
Even if the evidence is the flimsiest story, it must be upheld above life itself.

- - - - - - -

Let us take the vaunted high holy texts of "Theory of Relativity"

Everyone believes this although it has never been proven.
There are only an assortment of phenomena that Relativity does a little bit better job of mathematically modelling.

So, it describes the orbit of Mercury a little better than Newton's theories. Some 96% accurate.
But what if some astronomer/mathematician (a woman no less) has a better theory that describes Mercury's orbit with a 99.9999% accuracy?

(And so it goes with all of the phenomena.)

Well, even with all of its pillars shot out from under it, the Theory of Relativity is still upheld.
Like it is floating in air, by itself. (because it is an imaginary object)

The Theory of Relativity is a myth, a legend. (And not to be questioned.)

- - - - - - -

And so it is throughout this edifice we call (Modern Materialistic) science.

So many "laws" and theories that do not hold up under actual tests,
but are described to young minds as if they have always withstood every attack.

What will we do if we wish to move forward in actually understanding the physical world (physics)?
Will it be enough to start our own competing group?
Once we do, will we have to go to war?
Will we have to escape to the new world to practice our science? To escape from the Holy Prussian University?

- - - - - - -

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I'm all for questioning and disproving old establishments and highly esteemed things, that's progress, we should always be going for the best thing - improvement.

However I'll like to see you make more detailed arguments against Einstein and this theory of relativity for example. This post looked like you were going to do that but you held back a lot of details.

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I have done so before.
I may give it another shot.

But the believers in the Holy Prussian University are a staunch group and will argue against fact and logic until i am exhausted and have to crawl under a rock for a month or two.

There are some good ThemTube videos on Einstein being a fraud.
But i do not know a good, all inclusive video and debunking Relativity.

"Holy Prussian University" 😂😂😂

How about a link to where you've done it before?

Well, that is why most do add "under certain kinds of conditions". Outside those conditions, the theories are rendered nonsense. Also, I think the way theories are unraveled differs by the grades or positions of the students.

The scientific method states. Make theory, test theory. If you find the theory doesn't hold against any test, then back to the start.

So, in school they should say "The debunked Theory of Relativity" whenever talking about Einstein's works.
Just like what we do when talking about Newtons Equations.

But they do not, and instead defend the Theory to the death.

And spoiler, the Electric Universe Model is far superior, and replaces everything in our Modern Science Textbooks. Or, our Modern Materialistic Science Textbooks are at equal stance with paper weights.

So, in school they should say "The debunked Theory of Relativity" whenever talking about Einstein's works.

Exactly.. but you know some of our teachers do not even upgrade themselves in learning up-to-date information. Also, the textbooks (learning materials) which are used are not constantly upgraded.. even if they were, it would still take some time before they will reach the final consumer of such.

It's a theory as it's never been proven.

Well... the followers of the Holy Prussian University treat "theory" as chiselled in stone, by god.

I say "This experiment over here shows a force exceeding the speed of light, thus the Theory or Relativity has been disproven."

And i get back:
"That is not how a theory works"
"That doesn't disprove all of Relativity"
"You need to go to university and learn some real science"

Sooo, i guess my idea of what a theory is, is not universal.