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RE: Learn About Malaria from me, a Nigerian | My Malaria Experience

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Interesting, I grew up in Brazil where malaria was quite prevalent. Never got it though, so I must be one of the immune ones :)

We used to drink tonic water a lot because it contains quinine, formerly a recommended malaria medication. It tastes like pickled piss but the flavor kinda grows on you.



Nice dude, I didn't know that. Born there? How long you live there? You speak Portuguese then, Spanish too? When I get to asking questions they're hard to stop.

Born there yes, and lived there till I was 18 and moved up to the States for to go to college. Manaus gave me birth. I used to speak Portuguese pretty well but I've mostly lost it over the years. That was mostly on purpose though. Bad memories. God, et cetera. Such is life :)

When you left Portugal did you leave by yourself? Still got family in Brazil? Man how neat, I had no eyed dear. How old are you now and now regularly do you go back?

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Damn, one of the lucky immune ones, I envy motherfuckers like you 👍
Yea, I've heard of quinine, I'm sure I took it back in the day when artemisinin wasn't common.