Topics I'm Interested In-Ideas For YOU to Write About :)

I was reading a post by @dwixer just now and realized that I have never really put out to the ether the topics I like to read about. As I was telling @dwixer what I was interested in, I figured it would probably be a good post for me to put out for everyone. I figured that in this way, if you saw something you knew about, you could write about it and tag me and I would almost certainly upvote it because it is something I am interested in learning. How much better is that than posting something that you hope will get upvotes? At least in this way, I'm giving you "permission" to tag me to find your post, as long as it fits into one of the topics below that I find interest'll be a great experiment, anyway...

Here are topics I'm interested in:

  • I'm very much interested in cultures where the citizens are obligated to do what their country's leader requires. I know that's somewhat broad. Let me give an example: If you've left North Korea and it's safe for you to talk about life in North Korea, I'd love to hear about it. Escaped Cuba? I'd love to hear how life was in Cuba, both good and bad. Perhaps you have first had experience in these places, I'd like to hear your experiences on things you had to do differently to avoid getting in trouble in these types of political pressures.
  • I'm interested in success stories, where you thought you had something you couldn't overcome, but you did, whether it be addiction, working hard on a sports team to win...basically, if you overcame adversity in some way to be a victor, I like that!
  • Businesses you have started and have succeeded or failed and lessons learned.
  • Real estate investing. I enjoy reading stuff about real estate throughout the world. I recently found that in New Zealand, they get mortgages for 2-3 years and refinance all the time...I found that fascinating.
  • Video production tips. I have 9 YouTube channels. I like to learn tips on how to make videos better.
  • Stories about people who started with nothing and used creative ways to earn a living, for themselves or for their families.
  • Epiphanes in people's lives-major life lesson's/eureka moments
  • Words of wisdom...not just a quote, but actually a story behind the quote/saying...posts with just a quote are nearly worthless to me, but if you actually go into detail about how the quote has affected you or changed your life, I love that stuff.
  • Treasure hunting-I'm a metal detectorist. I love finding old stuff with my metal detector
  • Scuba diving photography-not just the pics, but the stories behind the pics. Where the best places to go are, stories of underwater encounters with whatever...content!
  • Personal journeys of learning a new language. I speak several and love to relate to others' stories.
  • Creative dating ideas-I've been married for nearly 18 years and love to date my wife!
  • Funny stories children tell...context and all.
  • A capella music-not you just singing all by yourself, but singing with others. I have been amongst the best barbershop singers in the world. I love the sound!
  • Costume creation for Halloween or other "all out" parties. Not just pics, but the stories of how you made them...
  • Cultural celebrations in your country, even if in the US, so I can learn more about other cultures in the world.
  • Taking old stuff and rebuilding it to make it amazing. I've rebuilt 2 houses before. I love taking a space that is run down and turning it into something that is beautiful!
  • Interesting finds in archaeology or brand new advancements in STEM type info (I know there's #stem for that, but I still love the stuff...I just read an article on concrete and how it's depleting the world of water, which led me to doing my own research on "green" concrete that I found fascinating...). Look at to see some ideas...I love that website!
  • Tiny homes or quickly built tumbleweed houses. Here's an example of one in case you didn't know:

I think that's a good list! You can tag me if you've written on one of the topics above so I will find your post!

I may not be a whale in POB or Hive in general. I have nearly 2,000 POB staked, so my vote isn't worthless. I'm also guessing that if you post something I find fascinating with great content (not just a couple sentences or even just a paragraph...or stinking blurry pics-I hate those...clean the lens!), I'm sure I won't be the only one to upvote the content. I'd bet there are other people out there also interested in reading what I'm interested in...

What I'm bored of on POB/Hive...

  • cryptocurrency predictions. You may love 'em, but they're hundreds of them here...that ra-ra stuff is dull to me... perhaps if it weren't so saturated? I dunno...
  • pictures of someone's kinda ho-hum to me. Now, if you made a video of you drawing something showing your medium as well...that might be worth a look.
  • Pics with a dirty lens of random things on your walk that are not shot in an interesting way (using photography techniques that make the pic attractive)...that's dull to me.
  • Posting an article where you basically regurgitate what's in it without any original commentary (basically plagiarism...), that's boring.

I hope this helps someone out there who's trying to figure out where to start on Hive...."What can I write about?" I hope I've given you something to consider...

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You and I have some similar interests but not all.
I've been learning Korean for 23 years and I still learn new things. I tend not to talk about married life but we have been married for 20 years now and creative means thinking fast when you have kids and work to do. I will keep your suggestions in mind. I visited two of your youtube channels.

Thanks for checking out my channels (I only show a few of them on the site and probably need to update the videos I've chosen to be highlighted) :)

I've been learning Korean for about 3 years now via Duolingo. My brother currently lives in South Korea and I hope to go there before he comes back to the states. If I do it right, I should be able to order something in Korean and be able to read several of their signs :)

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Reading the entire alphabet should only take you a couple of hours. That part is fun. It's the grammar and root words and nuiances. My brother stayed here for a couple years and I really enjoyed ot. If you can prove you have a vaccine you can bypass the 14 day quarantine period. Then it is worthwhile to visit South Korea. Jet lag alone messes me up for a while.

I have natural immunity. I'm waiting for countries to recognize that. It may be a while.

If I could read have of these I would gain massive amount of info

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Right?! That's what I'm talking about! I think these topics are valuable to everyone...but they are certainly interesting to me ;)

This is really helpful. A lot of people do basically the same thing, its daring to be different. Give people something entirely different from what other see.

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Now, this is going to inspire me a lot. In fact, some posts on hive could be so boring and may not present creativity, yet it wonders me how such pieces of work get high upvotes.

It surprises us both!


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Wow this my first time am seeing house With tyre driving him self, that's wonderful noted.

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