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RE: Is it better to Uninstall and Reinstall a mobile app than updating the existing one??

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I never use auto-update option that sure reduse the storage. I update all my application manulayy and remove most of the application which are not used that frequently.
I install them when I need.


Its not about auto update, even if you update them manually, it will cover your memory keep increasing with each update...

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yes, it is true indeed bade bhai, their size keeps increasing as we use them.
the more you use the bigger they will be 😁


!giphy bigger

Still i am waiti g to get a answer to my question...which is better option...?? Shall we keep updsting everytime...or it is better to uninstall and re upload the app ??

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Uninstall and update is the best option in my opinion bade bhai.
I do that mostly and i prefer that is the best

The crux is you still need to remember all id and passwords of differrnt apps 😁

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That is not an issue bade bhai there are apps to member that 😁😬.

And most of the application are login via gamil that was not a tough job i guess

Still few need to bug up on your red diary ....😉

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You possibly can't log in any app by Gmail without a password you used in the sign up maybe unless you wanna create a new password.

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Now this is just the crucial thing about it. Lol

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