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The purpose of our life is to be happy...we only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough...make people around you(neighbour, family, friends etc)happy..

Try to check on them if there are safe or if you haven't heard from them...

Mental health is what our society should try to take seriously because are going through alot..


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Depression is indeed real. It is important to pay close attention to those around us has many appear to be suffering from mental health issues. Our job is to make people excited and not to make matters worse. I believe I always do my part in letting people better off than I met them . I believe that should be the attitude of every of us.

French translation

La dépression est en effet réelle. Il est important d'accorder une attention particulière à ceux qui nous entourent, beaucoup semblent souffrir de problèmes de santé mentale. Notre travail consiste à exciter les gens et à ne pas aggraver les choses. Je crois que je fais toujours ma part pour laisser les gens mieux lotis que je ne les ai rencontrés . Je pense que cela devrait être l'attitude de chacun de nous.

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Always be happy and have fun nomatter the situation you find your self.

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