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RE: "Trust THE Science", "Do you believe in science", "The Science says...", "The science is settled" - If you know the scientific method these things should have you appalled.

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Well put! Even in Christianity, those terms you used as analogies have very specific meanings and uses. They are often misused in the same way pseudoscience twists and misuses terms to manufacture peer pressure and doubt.


Yeah, I know those terms ALL have specific meanings. Yet they historically have been used however someone wanted to demonize and silence. This is mainly why I used them.

Hijacking words and using them like "verbal grenades" is something that has happened many times in history.

It works. Unless a person is self aware and really pays attention these techniques usually are sufficient to manipulate them.

Yea, that's what I was getting at. Can't remember who it was I was listening to, but he was discussing the topic of people misusing words. He recommended, instead of getting you panties in a wad, calmly, and sincerely ask them, "What do you mean by that?"

More often than not, they either have absolutely no idea and won't be able to define it, or, their definition is so far off they make a fool of themselves. Worst case scenario, if they do understand what it actually means, you can move on with at least a slightly more meaningful conversation than you would have otherwise. On rare occasions, it changes the tone of the conversation completely.

When you have the opportunity to challenge such use you always should. However, the propaganda system out there is drowning us out. We are fighting against a fire hose, yet we must still fight.

Yes, we must.