We've heard that anxiety is a wrecking ball, it brings chaos along. It's not something you expect but it does not ever miss it's chance to ruin.

It's like water, not that you can not do without it, but it suffers from unstable dispositional syndrome (I made that up).
What I mean is that it takes different forms and nature, and the only way out is to be fore armed.

It's like the bully in school, showing up almost every time, walking around with shoulders raised with the " nothing can stop me" attitude.

Few days back, I was sipping water and pretending it was wine. It looked like I had my day all planned out and there was nothing to worry about, I did sly the wrecking ball, at least that's how I felt untill I had an incoming task.
Something unexpectedly came up, I didn't plan for extra stress or burden. I had already apportioned the energy to the tasks I had.

Being in that position alone, was an invitation to this bully, and do you know what I did?
I checked out this new task, to find out what I will benefit from doing it and what I will loose from ignoring it.

That was how I began handling anxiety, by analyzing the source and cause of this unpleasant feeling. If it is a task, ask questions about it.
And if after the trial, it passed the test, I proceed to add that task to the cart, or perform that task with the energy of what I will achieve from it.

Bottom line is, the way I challenge anxiety is through thinking and analyzing, positively though.
It helps a great deal to unwrapp this source of anxiety and expose it's motive and boom! I have my heart back.

This has been working for me and honestly it doesn't work hundred percent in every situation.
So I will love to hear from you.

Thank you for reading my post today, and please feel free to tell me how you deal with anxiety.