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Anyone who knows me also knows that I am a math freak. I write math, I smell math, I see math and...yes, I'm absolutely capable of cancelling a date for math.


(Goniometrie = Trigonometry)

But that wasn't always the case. Until I was 25, I really didn't like math that much. This passion started just 3 years back.

I was introduced to math and physics in an early age. My grades were always good, but that wasn't something special for me. Because as a kid I was generally good in all subjects (except drawing and gymnastics, I hated gymnastics back then 🤣). One day I'll write a blog about that.


I had a physics teacher who taught me physics for four years and he was one I will never forget. Thanks to him, I loved physics. His explanations were so good that I understood physics to perfection and back then I was sure that I wanted to study physics.

Unlike my math teachers.

Well it's not that my math teachers taught poorly. It may also have been the case that I had no interest in it at that time. I did get good grades, but I really studied it because I had to. Not because I wanted to.

Years went by and even in high school I didn't like math. It got so bad that I came home with failing grades, which surprised my parents a lot.

I graduated highschool finally and before I knew it I was sitting in the benches of the University, studying Infrastructure and being able to express my love for physics (mechanics especially) very well.

I also started to tutor in that same year, and after 6 years of tutoring physics...well, somewhere along the way I started to like it less and less.

This was due to the following: many students who came to me asked for help with mathematics. Now I'm not one to dismiss a student easily; I always try to help. So I started self-study. I bought some math books, watched youtube videos and sometimes sat up all night doing sums.


As I studied more and more, I started to love math more than physics.


I discovered that everything in nature has something to do with math. For example, the number of petals of all the flowers together form a mathematical sequence. I wish I had learned these things in school. Then I would have admittedly loved math more! Therefore, it is very important that you take a subject from someone who explains it with all the passion and love. And not just because they need a job.


I do remember one math teacher who always wanted you to write down a sum and make it exactly the way she wanted. If you did the sum any other way, you didn't get any points for it. Even if the method you used was good. That was because she learned math by memorizing it and taught it that way to us. But you don't memorize mathematics. You have to understand mathematics in order to love it.


Nowadays I still tutor physics from time to time, but I like tutoring math more.

People often ask me why I love mathematics. And I always say then: the world is a mathematical model. If the world fascinates you, mathematics should also fascinate you. And if it doesn't, then you never had the right math teacher.

There are also people who think mathematicians are weird. But those people are often the ones that say weird things. Like a woman who once told me that I'm too smart to have a relationship with a guy. According to her guys didn't like smart women.🤣

Others say I'm boring. On my birthday I get sweaters and mugs on with "nerd" on them.

Fortunately, these days I'm not someone who cares about what people think.😆


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Note: My first language is Dutch; so if there are mistakes in my English text, please forgive me.


That was because she learned math by memorizing it and taught it that way to us. But you don't memorize mathematics. You have to understand mathematics in order to love it.


I myself hate math😂
I hate it because after learning it you don't come across problems that requires the knowledge in everyday life. All you end up needing is just BODMAS, probability, percentage and statistics. You never come across algebra and simultaneous equations in everyday life.

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@nevies Hahaha, that's true. I personally think that math triggers your mind extra to think. And good thinking is something you can use anywhere I guess.😅

I hate math, but not because I don't come across a need for it. I use it all the time at work and home. I enjoy it more now that I'm teaching my sons about it.

What I don't like are seemingly concrete ideas of mathematics becoming politicize and trivialized. There are so many ways to make the numbers work for you. Statistics, especially, is the worst when you try to make a mountain out of a molehill.

I hope my sons can do better than others.

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@scholaris.pob Oof, with the last sentence you remind me of a meme a student once sent for me, which stated that mathematicians create problems of their own, only to go out and solve them.😆

Your sons will do better for sure.💚🌻

I weirdly didn't like any specific subject at school, I generally don't like studying, but end up studying medicine and that's where I have to study, I ended up there because of the good grades that I used to say it's not an achievement because I had good teachers and proper studying when I was very young. At least now I love what I'm studying, not too much but better than nothing haha.

I myself consider the love of maths for the genius people, those who understand it properly, then loves it aren't a lot, so it's great opportunity to see you here!

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@lennyblogs00 wow, I think you are amazing for studying medicine. I myself can't see blood no more.😆 I don't think I would be able to study that.

But I'm happy that you love what you are studying now.😅

Thank you very much. I am happy to be a part of the hive family.🌻💚

If only most of us knows we apply mathematics in our day to day life, guess we would love it more.

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Wow! For me if you'd ask what was my biggest fear back in school, I would say mathematics. Ask me why, still can't explain why. Maybe because my mathematics teachers created a fear in me that made me distanced my self from the subject, or just maybe, they never made the subject appealing. I still regret till this day how and why I never understood mathematics so well. My mathematical rating over 10 will be 3/10. Terrible right, I know 😎

Funny thing is, I still count with my hands in public over a simple sum. Lol 😂 indeed, what a shame right? Well I brought this upon my self And in am in my early 30's. Reading through your post, I strongly believe its not too late. Honestly, I am strongly encouraged by your mathematical ability, I call it magic. I hope you extend & pass this knowledge skill to the upcoming individuals who'd probably desire or fear to love mathematics. Kudos @angie08

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@emacomez I'm so sorry for my late reply..due to my exams I looked past some notifications I think...I feel so sorry that you had such a horrible teacher..I know the kind of teachers that try to create fear..totally unnecessary..🥲

It's not a shame that you still count with your fingers..even I do that 🤭 No matter how much I love math, memorizing exercises is not my thing😂 I love to solve them, but my memory is kind of weak 🤭😂 (I think I am getting old🤭).
It's never too late to learn math..nowadays you have these amazing youtube channels where you can find really good math stuff.
I will surely pass my knowledge. Thank you.❤🌻