POB-WOTW Contest - Is Earth a Lucky Planet?

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So @NickyHavey shared his contest submission for Proof of Brain Word of the Week. Being a word addict, I couldn’t not jump in. I had been eyeing up Word of the Week for a few weeks now, so it was inevitable that you’d see me enter.

I’d like to encourage @vempromundo to come play as well.


This weeks competition is with the word:

Photo source and contest details: https://www.proofofbrain.io/hive-150329/@calumam/pob-word-of-the-week-atmosphere-002

I would like to thank Nicky for reminding me of this event and @Calumam for creating and managing it.


Usually I’d jump right into creative writing, but for some reason I didn’t to go down a straight road. So here I present my entry into the #pof-wofw contest:

“Every breath you take. Every move you make... I’ll be watching you”. Those might just be some of the creepiest lyrics that are sang deceptively beautiful. Thanks Sting.

We give little thought about what an atmosphere really is. If the word is used, people generally lean towards a definition that pertains to the “atmosphere in a room”.

What is atmosphere? It is the gases the surround planets.

On Earth, the gases are mostly breathable nitrogen and oxygen. So, Sting could have sang, “All the gases that you breathe... I’ll be watching you” which would lend better to erie nature of the song’s lyrics.

National Geographic says that the gasses on Earth are like an invisible ocean and we live at the bottom of it. Does that mean we are the bottom feeders of Earth?

Mercury is comparatively unique to Earth in that it has no gravity. The atmospheric elements are blown away by solar winds. Because if it’s small size, lack of gravity prevents mercury from securing the molecules around the planet. As a result, Mercury is unable to retain heat from the sun nor protect itself. The side furthest from the sun runs temperatures of 173 degrees Celsius, while the side closest could go up to 427 deg cel.

For earth to have 3 layers of atmosphere (troposphere, stratosphere, and mesosphere) while other planets can scarcely hold on to a few molecules, saying that we are lucky would be a gross understatement.

A universe full of so much diversity and here we are living the universal dream.

Aren’t we lucky? 😂


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Thank you for reading.

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All the gases that you breathe... I’ll be watching you

I've got a scene in my imagination of a crowded high tech elevator with music speakers and this song is playing in the background after someones just ripped a huge fart.

Great to see you get involved with the WOTW after reading @nickyhavey's post, welcome to the POB community.

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Lolllll oh my! Now that’s an atmosphere I want no part of.

Thank you for the warm welcome. 🌹

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What a lovely submission...nice one

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Thanks you!!!

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Thanks for the quick education about the atmosphere

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You’re welcome. Thank you for reading.

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Hey, it looks like we inspired each other this week to write a post! Love that you took a scientific approach and started talking about Mercury... as someone who is signing themselves up to do a Space Science Masters, I appreciated that greatly!

I dread to think what the interpretation of Sting's words would be if "breath" was switched with "gasses"... I dare say LOL! Either way, taken out of context and away from that iconic song, those famous lyrics do sound awfully creepy haha... I'll never be able to listen to it in the same way!

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Lol neither will I be able to listen to that song the same way. I never quite realized how stalkerish the song is. I am sure Sting could have made a song about Charles Manson sound eloquently romantic. Lolll

Hahaha! You should do a series about songs that are creepier than they sound 😂

Mercury is comparatively unique to Earth in that it has no gravity.

I can prove on paper that this is false.

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You managed to make the creepiest song even creepier!

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