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RE: The Brain in the chest

in Proof of Brain5 months ago

Thanks for the good wishes @abdul-qudus .

Most of the time I feel we just go for a decision by taking any one of them in consideration. If we take both into account we experience real happiness. Have you ever experienced such a state when you felt your heart talked to you? You listened to it?


Yeah. Sure. It happens.
Most times I feel it. There was a day I felt reluctant going to school for night read. But I have to meet with someone at school. He was there waiting for me. And what he came to school for was to assist me with my studies. So I can't disappoint him.
My heart told me not to go.but I told my brain I have to go.
The next morning I came home sick

Ahaaa! So your heart guided you well, but what made you sick? The weather?

The stress. I should have rest at home

I see. Yes, the stress causes more damage than we can think