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RE: Classical Liberalism - Parmenides and the Paradoxes of Zeno

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Philosophy is a very interesting science. In ancient times, this was the main science. Smart men sat and thought about everything they saw or heard.
The magic of numbers was also included in the philosophical science. Ancient scientists tried to describe the World in numbers. This was done only by the 21st century.

By the way, what topics can I write about on the platform


It seems that mathematicians of Ancient Greeks switched from number theory to geometry after the experiences of Pythagoras.

By the way, what topics can I write about on the platform

POB appears to be letting people write on any topic. There was a group of people who wanted to police POB. One of these POB-watchers downvoted a whale who was engaged in tag spam and the POB-watchers found themselves on the losing end of a down vote war.

I like writing posts on different tribes. If the post is about philosophy, i put it on POB. If it is about science or math, I put it on STEM. If it is about finance, I put it on LEO. If it is about economics, it goes on CENT. If I create an original drawing, i put it on CreativeCoin.

Political stuff should go on tribes like LASSECASH, POLITICS (which gives out the PAY coin), MEME (assuming the post as a meme-style picture) or INFOWARS.