The transformation in football world

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Looking back to when football or soccer as known by many was brought to light in the early nineteen century. The whole show when I flash back was like.... Wack. I mean funny compared to the view of today.
Let me take you all through the whole transformation
The football used during the 1930 matches compared to that of 1978, 1994,1998,2014world cup had a huge difference. I was to believe that the set of footballers that participated in 1930 world cup would be like.. Hmmm

images (22).jpeg

images (19).jpeg

images (24).jpeg

images (21).jpeg

images (20).jpeg

images (23).jpeg

images (18).jpeg

Let's compare the pitch, the ambiance and how the fans react. This will make you laugh at the wide difference. I love the new designs of the stadium.

images (29).jpeg

images (27).jpeg

images (30).jpeg

images (28).jpeg

images (26).jpeg

The funny way of jubilation after a goal is scored in recent times so fascinating

images (39).jpeg

images (35).jpeg

images (38).jpeg

images (36).jpeg

images (37).jpeg

download (1).jpeg

download (2).jpeg

images (33).jpeg

images (34).jpeg

images (31).jpeg

I can go on and on show us the dribbles and beautiful goal sense that makes recent football more lively and interesting to watch.

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