The Joy of Fatherhood.

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The coming together of a man and a woman is not just for fun. It's a divine arrangement from the creator for companionship, rendition of help and finally procreation.

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The journey to fatherhood is amazing. It all begin with this synergy both physically, emotionally and in spirit with the wife. Both parties contribution their qouta to the whole process of child bearing.

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In few months, what you will hear from your wife is "babe, I am late. I feel something in my belly. The woman conducts a test and she confirms to her man. I am pregnant.

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The joy that fills the heart of the husband is "I am a real man" smile... He feels fulfilled with this great news.
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The consciousness of conceiving and taking care of the child starts ticking in the heart of the man. He is more concern about the whole process and how the woman is feeling
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Congratulations... You are a father...... This is overwhelming.
The man connects with the child every moment.

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To every man who has fathered a child from childhood to being an adult. To the ones that are just starting and to every potential fathers.
I wish you all Happy Father's day.

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Please stop misusing the #stemgeeks tag. Your posts are not in any way Science Tech Engineering or Math

You may want to review your tags as the majority has nothing to do with your post

Leofinance? Boxing? Sports? Weed? Steemgeeks? Really?

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This is very educative,Wishing you a Happy Fathers Day on this day, and wishing you happiness and sunshine for the coming year.

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Nice write up. Father is not just someone who gave birth to children he is someone who bears responsility in love in his family.
Happy fathers day

Being a father is great. Spamming tribes is not. Happy Father’s Day!

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