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My name is Obadina Adeola, I am fondly called Adepounds because of my passion for finance.


I am a Nigerian by nationality from ogun state which is from the western region of the country. I presently live in Lagos state.
I bagged my bachelor degree in Accounting from the University of Lagos,Akoka. I advanced to register with the institute of chartered account of Nigeria for my professional certification.

I presently work with a telecommunications company as the Head of Finance.


I love to sing well composed songs with soul lifting lyrics. My favorite artist is H.E.R
She gives me good vibes

I love to watch urser and Chris brown dance. They are my favorite dance artist


In as much as I love music, my passion for football is overwhelming. My body and soul root for the club that plays traditional partten of soccer. I am a die hard fan of Barcelona



Finally, my love for family cannot be left out. The connection from the mother and the priceless love of a father to the child cannot be over emphasis



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So you know the weed tag is for cannabis and psychedelic related content. Also you need to be careful on posting pictures that are not yours, make sure you source them. Good luck on your Hive journey.

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Obadina Adeola u are welcome to this great community

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Welcome to hive and the POB community Adeola. Nice to have you here.

Also happen to be an Accountant by profession who works in a telecom company. What are the odds? :-)

I believe you stumbled on the right platform where you get to interact with great people and also get to learn a lot from this vast platform.

Looking forward to seeing more of you around here and also to reading from you.

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Thank you for the warm welcome. I do appreciate it. I believe we all are here to unlearn old ideas and learn about new things that spring up around our environment.

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My pleasure. Exactly. Great to see you have an open mind to learn and explore. You will certainly have a great time here if your go along with that mindset

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Have a great day!

Thanks you for your comment and encouragement.

I hope to contribute more to this esteem community.

You're highly welcome the great community and meet great people
Been here is not by mistakes but it a very right way. What are we doing here I believe that the person referred you here explain all about what we are here for, in nutshell keep engage
Welcome man!