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RE: Tell me more oh experts about how the scientific evidence of generations has been wrong: "FDA: 'Vaccine hesitant' can't use antibody test to prove immunity"

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I see you are finally seeing through the veil of lies. The reason they don't want people taking antibody tests is it might expose another massive lie, that antibodies have NOTHING to do with fighting germs or 'viruses'. They are in fact just protein based enzymes which appear whenever there is any kind of injury in the body. Antibodies are also non-specific meaning no they do not memorize germs and viruses that is total non-science.
You are totally right in saying that if this gets out their vaccines are worthless and there is actually no 'immunity' and no 'immune system'. It's all a pack of lies.

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I have seen through this veil for many years now (EDIT: I said always initially which is an absolute and not true). There are just very few things in life that I consider absolute. I don't consider everything that modern medicine has done a failure. I also don't consider everything old remedies did a success.

I try to keep from deciding something is absolutely WRONG, or somethings is absolutely CORRECT.

Though I listen. I observe. I use reason.

With vaccines anyone with a truly rational mind that does some research will see the many problems with them.

I don't go as far as saying there are no bacteria, and there are no viruses. Though I do know they lie about them a lot. They obfuscate enough that it can be difficult to see the reality.

I do know anti-biotics work for things that were killing people regularly prior to them.

Yet like all substances you shouldn't casually take them and taking them has consequences.

Likewise I've solved problems specialists couldn't solve simply by using common herbs, proteins, and minerals before.

I've had benefits from both approaches. I've also seen problems from both approaches.

This article I wrote a little while back explains what I am trying to avoid:
The Tunneler Hypothesis

I've never said there are no bacteria! It's the function of bacteria that we germ theory denialists question, not their existance. Of course they exist, we can see them. It's viruses that do not exist. Antibiotics only work because you see the symptoms of detox as a disease. Antibiotics are poisons which put the body into shock, stopping the symptoms and the detox which gives the appearance of feeling better. They do not cure anything tho. The only thing that 'cures' or heals the body is the body itself.

Yeah. I disagree with you there. I've actually had my life saved by antibiotics.

There are also a number of illnesses that were considered a death sentence before them.

That said they can and are abused. They are not the answer to everything. They are an answer to some things.

Like I said I don't deal in absolutes. Trying to convince me to do so will most likely fail.

yes I know what you mean about antibiotics seeming to save lives but how do you know ur body wasn't saving you already? Impossible to prove I know. Here's an article I translated a while back on that subject.

In the case of antibiotics saving me. In one case I would have been dead in 24 hours. There have been other cases I noticed an almost immediate response within hours.

There were cases in the past when I was younger and didn't pay attention that I was likely given one when I would have recovered just fine without it.

I do think that MOST cases that I took an antibiotic in my life I likely would have eventually recovered. All it did in those cases is speed up the process. It killed what my body was reacting to, while also killing some good things in my body.

I do not advocate for taking anti-biotics on a whim. I think you should not be haste to jump to anti-biotics.

I do know another case where it may be what saved me but I was too young to remember. I was 4 or 5 when I got blood poisoning and had the red line running up my leg from an injury that had some gravel in it and scabbed over that. Knee if I remember correctly. I know I went to the emergency room, and they gave me a shot. Like I said I was young. I have no clue what was in that shot. I am 50 now.

I am an advocate for probiotics. I used to have stomach issues fairly frequently which I consider actually likely initiated by antibiotic use earlier in my life. Once I started taking probiotics the years of that went away. I was able to stop taking probiotics after a time as well. Now the only time I will take a probiotic will be after I've completed antibiotics IF I take them.

I am also aware that probiotics likely do not replenish all the biotics killed by the antibiotic.

So you are in the good and bad bacteria camp then. How can one believe that some bacteria are good and some are bad when they have already found the supposed bad bacteria in healthy individuals (like strep and TB for instance). We are often told we will die unless we take their 'medicine' that is how they sell it so well. Look at chemo!! They did an experiment on some poor monkeys to see how they faired with NO bacteria. They were bred in a sterile environment and delivered by caesarian section to keep them sterile and guess what. They all died within 10 days. Bacteria are not only in our digestive system, every organ of our body has it's own microbiome too.

It's easy. I am not an absolutist. I don't pick examples and say "this proves X" and ignore cases where it does not. It is easy to pick a side and decide that is the way to go. It is also easy to become entrapped by dogma on any subject.

I question everything. When I find things that are false I do not assume that makes everything false. Likewise when I find things that are true I do not assume the rest is true as well.

Admittedly my path is not easy. I see people (and I have done it as well) who try to simplify problems. Yet in the process a lot of things end up being conveniently ignored to support the narrative.

Climate Change
Good vs bad Bacteria

Here is an easy concept to explain this good/bad.

Parasitic vs Symbiotic

Some bacteria have a symbiotic relationship with their host. Other bacteria seem to have a parasitic relationship. I am not calling them PARASITES in the traditional since but more as something that consumes without concern for the host.

You can see this in human activity as well.

We do some actions without concern for the impact on the environment, and then sometimes we are hyper focused on the consequences.

There are things that can be proven in science and not one bacteria has been found to be 'parasitic'. If you find one you can prove there is one but nature doesn't work that way. It wouldn't make any sense. Humans have a long way to go before they can be as symbiotic as bacteria ;-)

By the way. It is the 1st of the month and I guess powering up someone else's account that may be lower in power is something people do. I went ahead and powered up your account with 10.05 HIVE so I can see what it does. While I don't agree with you 100%. I do agree with you on a lot and I think you are valuable here whether I agree or don't agree. This is why I picked you.

Oh wow mate, thankyou for having faith in me. I really appreciate that. I will keep on doing my thing. xxxx