"The Robots" Before The Robots

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There is no doubt that machines are going to take over the world, and by that I don't mean were going to be enslaved by robots, although the current draconian slavery that we live in is not something to be proud of. What I am pointing at is "the take over" of machines over human labor.

Same as printers and paperwork are going extinct, so will human labor as we know it. I guess it was "written in stone" to happen that way. Machines are more efficient, les costly and doing a better job overall in industries where automation is possible. Our behavior somehow predicted such a transformation and asked for it.

I was recalling today my time spent in Germany, working as a mailman and I have instantly remembered a couple of details that inspired me to write this post. Germans were already acting like robots back then(2015-2016), thus asking for progress in this regard.

They used to work so fast, move like machines do, think in repetitive way, react to all sort of situations like a machine would do and so on. It's like when they were in their working hours they would transform themselves and become literal robots.

I hated that and I refused to act as such, I don't like working fast, I don't enjoy eating on the run and moving like a damn robot, but human kind has asked for it. With the risk of repeating myself too much in this post with this idea I have to say: "we've asked for it".

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I bet there are other countries all over the world, and here my first thought goes to China, where human labor was also acting like robots way before the Germans did, thus the need of business owners and entrepreneurs to work towards having actual robots doing the job of many human employees was legit.

Banks are a good example where automation and software has stolen the jobs of quite a few employees and those have probably not tried enough in matching robots :). The signals were there and it's probably part of our human evolution to have the damn robots working for us, but what are we going to do then?

Good question and I have two answers for that: crypto(with all that it represents) and UBI. If I were to choose one of them I would blindly put my hands on crypto, although nothing's guaranteed with it. At least you still have a bit of human flavor in it, like for example this blogging/crypto social media platform that we have here. Still not yet fully automated, but I bet that won't last for long.

Sooner than later algorithms will create content, curate, get into CUB and earn more of the rewards getting and so on... No need to fight it though, it's part of our evolution.

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Many industries are not adopting robots for better productivity and automation. Indeed robotics have a better future and in the next decade we can see more of it around us.

The United States automotive industry went robotic decades ago. The ones who didnt get replaced were forced to operate at a pace that made them a robot.

Amazon is the king of enslaving its workers.

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I for one welcome our new computer overlords.

Had to reply this way. The cybernetic implant compelled me.🤖

Yes the shift is already started, as seen in big warehouses. AI will overrule us if we are not careful.
In the mean time have a slice of !PIZZA

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"Good question and I have two answers for that: crypto(with all that it represents) and UBI. If I were to choose one of them I would blindly put my hands on crypto"

This is kinda a nonsensical answer you put here. Do you notice how you seperated crypto from ubi like they aren't the same thing. No, ubi is the best use for cryptocurrencies lol. Remember what cryptocurrencies are. They are generally one way payments because if you try to conduct them in any type of commerce what happens when someone wants to reverse a transaction or wants a refund?

Now you have a poor performing currency. Currencies in ubi is validity to your ledger based accountability that you are entitled as a legitimate person .. as a provable person to control the value you control. That makes sense for use in a cryptocurrency that you are an actual identified unique person.

So if you take something like our project bitcoin myk not only does it distribute the ubi in a very efficient way. It also uses deflation to strengten against fiat currency so that the ubi recipients can later spend that value into a ubi beneficiary situation. Get into "Cub" cub is just more defi pyramid unsustainble return baloney. That's not helping us and i highly doubt those type systems are going to be solutions to this problem that's just yet another marketing scheme to help people gamble. Doesn't mean anything to the world. Use to be two parties trying to figure out a way all day to steal money from one another. Now they got a machine trying to figure it out and thats not working to the benefit of economic prosperity as far as i can see.

The stable coin portion does have inflation but its used more to balance the market to stability and the option to trade it out for either btcmyk or bbd's. So a complex yet very simple system. I just can't believe how plain to sight this is.. That even a low iq person can see the connection but crypto i mean they will see it eventually but my gosh we're support to be educated people in this advanced space. It's hard to have dumb people in crypto. it's not impossible but its difficult. So how is it that crypto is missing these obvious things and everyone in the universe saying this is all inevitable lol.

I mean you got all these tech entrepreneurs they not saying maybe. They saying ubi is inevitable with machine advancement. Yes we are asking for the machines they going to come anyway these artificial smarter than people humanoids that to some are some type of next level leap in our evolution or maybe even our replacement and they'd have to be.. As nothing is not natural on the earth. Anything we create is still natural to the earth . We're not extracting components outside the earth or outside the universe lol.

So why are we so dumb in crypto. No offense but is it because we have too many alt right people in here? Still kinda tied up on this idea of freedom. Listen these robots and what they can do doesn't have anything to do with some false idea of freedom of anything lol.

Thats not going to stop robots from replacing human being lol. It just isn't. So how is it that the most technical area on earth doesn't see that this is not avoidable.. We not going to win in this economically or otherwise unless there is a system that keeps in check who controls these robots. UBI kinda does it by default but if you hoping some type of false capitalism free idea will control who owns these robots we are being delusional. So i dont know what it's going to take for you all to wake up.. However you running out of time. I don't think its going to go the way you all think. So you're on the titantic then it seems to be awaiting to hit the iceberg lol.

There is a reason all you here now as a solution is UBI. The writing is on the wall..We can't make it anymore plain than that lol.

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omg, that's a story not a reply, you must be hungry have a slice of !PIZZA

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Well they told me to get upvotes i gotta write quality content lol.. but your upvote is not getting it sir lol

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Robot have taken over the labour sector of the economy leaving individuals to be jobless and this adds to rate at which crime rate increases because of lack of job and jobs that can be provided for an uneducated person have been given to a robot to do.

If you check the rate of unemployment in countries you will find out that is of high rate all because of robot taking over labour in companies and leave individual walking around streets jobless.

Checking the rate of employment in Germany, Russia and china most especially which happens to be one of the populated country in the world you will see that they have high rate of robots and machines working for them and increasing unemployment rate.

Yes I know robots are meant for heavy jobs and fast productivity in outcome which is an added advantage to companies.
But they also have to realize that they are contributing to the economic melt down of the country by making people jobless.

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