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Hello everyone, best regards from me to all of you.


You must be very familiar with this one plant or vegetable, because this plant is very common to all people.

Tomato Plant

Cultivating this tomato plant is indeed very tiring from how to care for it to keep it growing fresh, it will certainly require a high level of energy and knowledge about agriculture. Because if it is not managed properly then the results are not optimal and will make someone a big loss in this case.

I am not an expert in the field of agriculture, I am still very new to this, and I am also still very eager to learn for my personal knowledge in the future.

When I first arrived at this location, I was walking in a village whose address is Bireuen, Indonesia. Most of the people there rely on their energy and knowledge in agriculture, the various kinds of plants and vegetables they grow there, it is very common in the village because it has become a place for them to earn money.

Of the many gardens I have seen, only this tomato garden can amaze me. Because the tomato garden area is also quite large, so it made me stop and wonder about the garden.

I happened to come to the garden when the tomatoes were quite young, about 38 days, and the tomato plants were also quite good, because of the maximum care from the owner.

Maybe if you or I do the job it is not so perfect, and even still classified in the category of failure. Because in addition to draining energy, the cultivation of this tomato plant also requires special knowledge in caring for it.

First of all I saw that the tomato ripens were quite high and it was done manually, and the patties needed extra effort there. In addition, the method of seeding must also be considered so that tomato seeds grow fresh in the future. Process after process must be passed well without any obstacles, either from pests or from the strength of the plants themselves. Because it must be considered to produce maximum results in the future.

I had a little chat with the owner there about the tomato cultivation, he said that tomato cultivation is a difficult thing for many people to do, because it requires a maximum strategy.



I also asked about the income they get when the harvest arrives, and the owner of the garden depends on the results when the market price goes up and down. However, the normal price is around $0.35 per kilogram and for now the price is slightly lower at $0.17 per kilogram. And the total harvest he gets is around 30 kilograms per harvest or picking, and the total harvest can be up to 5 to 10 times picking, until the tree dies.

I think that the cultivation of tomatoes is classified as a big advantage if we can get a high price, precisely from this we must be good at choosing the right time to plant it.




For watering it is also very important to pay attention so that tomato seeds grow fresh, the water must also be standard, namely not too much and not too little.

For the watering material, I also had time to take a photo there, which is a water machine that functions to suck water in the well and then channel it to the tomato plant itself through a water hose.



Also there can be seen supporting wood that surrounds the entire tomato plant, to anticipate the breakage of the tomato tree. It was seen that almost all the tomato trees had it, so it was something the gardener said had to be done.



I also saw tomato trees that had poor nutrition there, and they said yes that some of the tomato trees still didn't have enough fertilizer, therefore some of the tomato trees still look wilted, and will be fertilized in the future.



From the age of 38 tomatoes, this is quite good for the next harvest, because some of the trees also have flowers and some of them have young fruit there. The flowers that have come out will become tomatoes that will ripen in a few days.




Here I also see tomatoes that are still very small and that is the process of the tomato flower that I previously explained. In about 20 days the tomatoes are ripe and can be harvested immediately.







From here I learned a lot about the cultivation of tomatoes, although it requires a lot of energy but one day we will get satisfactory results and it is enough to make us happy in the future. Many people can rely on their strength on things like this, but if their knowledge is still very minimal, the results will not be optimal and they may end up losing money in the future.

Thank you for everything, hopefully this post can be useful for all of us, because agricultural science is also very useful for everyone.

See you at another time!

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