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RE: TWO IN ONE (A Tree Tuesday post)

Lol I remember a variant of these green june bugs attacking my peach trees back in Arizona. Some of the peaches appeared green rather than orange because they had load of these beetle butts sticking out of them.


:D Fruits with less vitamins and all those typical fruity stuff, but more shine ... and some extra proteins.

And a bit of aroma of stink bug glands. Still the green guys are better than these guys
They would actually aim their butt at your eye then squirt an apple smelling acid into your eye if possible. They had amazingly good aim too, I got hit multiple times. They had a range of around 5ft too.

Very cool and colorful bugs. :) Hope I will visit some desert habitat one day. It looks like a strange wonderland on pictures and documentaries.

Desert is great for lizards and snakes and terribly huge spiders. You wouldn't even need to use your macro lens on the spiders there.

Sounds inviting! :)