Calabash Tree (Crescentia cujete) Causing Red Coloration In My Rabbit Urine.

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How does it feel to be me? One thing that always happens in daily life is being curious about everything. One sign and symptom that changes gives me a light bulb in my head, and I start thinking a lot of what if and possibilities. Just that I want to gain more experience. Though I read some about it, still to see is to believe. One factor of concern that I have been exploring this past few months is the variance showing in my rabbit, and I made them for me to learn, so in everything, I am taking down notes.

Rabbit urine is one of the reasons I started my mini farm last January of 2022, and I want to explore the benefits of this urine to my farm. This was a natural and effective fertilizer supported by much research in the past years. Still, I want to expand it to mushrooms, especially the composting stage, where beneficial building organism is essential for the micro-fungus.

So I started to train some rabbits to adapt to sudden diet changes. The plant feeds and plant-based foods might give significant changes and benefits to their urine and dung. But I am being careful; I don't want to harm my animals. Everything could affect health to fertility.

What if Calabash Tree (Crescentia cujete)?

People in my place named it "Miracle fruit" it's not native to the Philippines, so back in 2010, when it became popularized in our place, people looked in their neighbor's gardens and stunt with a plant that bears a large round and shiny fruits, they began to call it "Miracle fruits" the size and shape of the fruits give chances to people to get more curious. I remember when I was young when its bear fruits neighborhood already gave it a mark name. Name of the people who will potentially buy the fruit.

To those who have yet to taste the fruit, it's not edible fresh. A round green fruit needs to be a cook. Scoop the flesh fruits and let them boil for hours until the color of the water turns black. The water becomes tea that gives the natural flavor of the fruit. I enjoyed the fruit juice, actually, so I started to plant one. It adopts and boosts that quickly.

But not only the fruit itself, I see beneficial. They grew with leaves in an evergreen mood, a cluster of leaves, so I began to be curious. What if I fed them to my rabbit? I got one piece and fed it to one rabbit, who seemed to like it. And I repeat the next day, but the result gives me another thing to look upon. Urine color changes from pale yellow, now turn to reddish color. I looked for the dung to see if something was wrong, an indigestion problem, or an eating-related issue. But the dung's color and shape were standard; fresh manure had no smells.

I request a new repetition and the same plant leaves but with another rabbit. The next day they also change the color. So I began to write a hypothesis that the Calabash tree of the miracle three might give the discoloration to my rabbit. I began to have more leaves and test it all.

The animal Urine.

In the open mindset, not just animals had apparent changes in urinary colorization. Well, I am not sure about the opposite gender of mine. Still, men do observe well the color of our urine, from clear white and yellow to reddish. In domesticated and farm animals, too, focusing on the rabbit, I am observing the health conditions of my rabbits through color.

When the rabbit dung is fresh and perfectly round and solid, it has no problem, but when it turns out to be watery liquid, it has a problem in digestion, so immediate action might give. When it was pure yellow, I didn't have any situation in the urinary color, but when it turned reddish to brown, it turned out over drinking, and the dark yellow turned out underwater.

But do you know that there is what we call "Alkaline Urine"? There was alkalinity in the red color of the urine sample for the domestic ruminants. As rabbit urine is also an effective fertilizer, I suggest further examination. What if the color showing in my rabbits is signed of alkalinity? For years I also want to study an alternative to reduce the acidity of soil mixture and alternatives to high-cost neutralizers in a mushroom substrate and spent. I might have the answer in the rabbit alone.

So the following days, I will buy a pH test kit to determine if the hypothesis might lead to something worse. Occasionally fed with beneficial leaves to their diet but not daily, I still organized a balance diet sheet for my rabbits.


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Parang tao lng din noh yung sa rabbit urine. Underwater kpg dark yellow ang urine ..
Mbaba lng pla miracle tree.. Kay Ate Pachuchay post ko lng to nakikita

Ah, I see. I saw this miracle tree here as well. I don't know that the fruit is edible. but it takes time to prepare. I don't know the technical terms and procedures done for this but it's interesting. So, their urine can be used as a fertilizer? Awesome! !PIZZA


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