The farming practices

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Farming and it's importance to humans

Initially, farming have become a very source, scheme and means of livelihood it was all living creature on earth and where all types of food and crops grew up and germinate for yielding purpose. And a lot of farmers have abide in farming practices and equally assume the principles as a business fact and without farming I will likely say that there is no living creature that can survive because it's true farming input that all of them can absorb their edible


Farming can be defined as a process whereby a Farmer cultivate and harvest food crops on a particular land both satisfaction purpose like income, food, ideas and management or it can be defined as a situation of working the ground, planting of seeds and growing comestible plant. You can also describe as using animal for milk and meat as farming. Farming it's a great way describe the lifestyle and work of people whose jobs are in the agricultural industry.

   **Importance of farming**

farming/ agriculture is a role in the entire life of a given economy.
It is an a source of food for our supply.
It provide employment opportunity to individuals.
Farming refers to agriculture in the backbone of economic system.

   **  Types of farming**

Arab farming
It's involved growing of crops only

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Pastoral farming
It is an objective for producing livestock rather than growing crops example include diary farming, raising beef cattle etc.


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Mixed farming
It is a type which involves growing of crops and simultaneously the raising of livestock equally.

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Subsistence farming
Which is a method of growing crops and raising livestock abundantly for a purpose without any surplus for trade.

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Commercial farming
This type is an a profit regards from agricultural products and marketing system in which products are competitive locally, regionally, and internationally.

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Extensive and intensive farming
extensive deals with the skills which are required for being cultivated relatively that is capital and level why intensive farming refers to the system of high rate of labor and capital and to the land area.

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Nomadic farming
It's necessary for The locomotion of the herds men and their flock from one place to another in the search of food and water it can also be the moving away from areas of pest and diseases.

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Sedentary farming
This term was used for agriculturist in tropical Africa who founded the same piece of land and indefinitely contrast shifting cultivation and was placed by certain farmer in which fields are not rotated.

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** Way's of managing farming**
Method of planting cover crops.
Building a maintenance Warehouse.
Security guard.
Alarms and motion sensors.

  **7 benefits of farming**

Investment and opportunities
Job recreation.
Producing of export and import props.
It is an source of raw material for other industries.
For food security.

Disadvantages of farming
Spreading of diseases.
For health issues.
Misuse of land
Environmental pollution.
It can disturb the family changes.
Unpredictable climatic change.

   **Method of farming**

Crop rotation.
Water harvesting.
Poly culture
Agro forestry .


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