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hello all hive friends, how are you? hope all is well Just.

Yesterday I went to the Garden, and I saw some flowers which I thought were beautiful, so I took some photos of them.

Today I scrolled through the community on hive, because I already have a photo but I'm confused where to share it, it turns out I found this community #colourblackandwhite This, Founded by @daveks .

So I decided to post here, thanks to @daveks for giving me the opportunity to post here.

The flowers that I photograph mostly grow in swamps and near ditches, because the position of the garden I am aiming at is near the swamps

Let's look at the picture of the #photography flower below

     the name of this flower is 
              Eceng gondok

     The name of this flower is 
            Sintrong Or Ebolo

     the name of this flower is   
      Ketepeng atau kaskado

those are the pictures that I can show for today, I hope all my friends like it.

Warm greetings from me @yahli to all beloved #hive users


Yay! 🤗
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Thank you very much ecency, cool ecency

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thank you very much 🤝🙏

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Thank you

You show a beautiful flower with two colors.

Thank you friend