My friends, take a look at this Favolus in color and black and white.

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Hi, hi, hi...! How are you today my friend? Meet again with me @new-spirit, a village boy who likes hanging out in coffee shops, but his hobby is blogging to earn dollars. Hehehe... Well, this time I'll show you a very small Favolus (a rare mushroom that lives on dry branches around you). Maybe it's only the size of your little finger. I tried it using an external macro lens on my phone.

Here are some color and black and white photos made by myself using the Xioumi Redmi 6A cellphone, and maybe these photos will make you happier and more satisfied. Let's finish!





How are you guys? Are you not satisfied yet? My advice is if you are a photographer, whatever photographic equipment you use, at least take pictures with a cellphone like mine, so I suggest that you pay more attention to the environment around your home. It's not impossible when you step around your house and you quickly find a few little things that you can shoot for a few bucks to cheer your life up. Hehehe... "Let's write on Hive Blog, you will always be able to smile after posting something unique!" LOL 😂😂😂

Oh yeah, my friends, take a look below, you will be tempted to see the colorful photos below. Regards!





The picture above is my own original shot using a cellphone camera, Xioumi Redmi 6A, and I use an additional macro lens. This will be very interesting for me because my hobby is photographing small things. I also send my regards to the esteemed leader of the #colorblackandwhite Community, Mr @daveks. Best wishes to you, sir! Hopefully the Community that you lead will become a large and useful Community for every Hive enthusiast.

(Writer and photographer; @new-spirit. Lhokseumawe City, Aceh Province, Indonesia, 22.01.2023)


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such a beautiful creature, this nature never stop to amaze us :)

Yes, your opinion is absolutely correct. Our nature is truly amazing. Regards.