Macro photo of "Spiral Roots" in Color and Black & White frame.

"Spiral Roots"

As long as I'm shooting macros on small objects or small animals, I like the spiral shape of the sweet potato roots on the fence. Incidentally my house is near a vacant lot belonging to a local resident which is overgrown with weeds and there are bushes that are not maintained.

In my spare time, I put a macro lens on my outdated Xiaomi Redmi 6a (old cellphone), then I enjoy what I see. I didn't miss anything for the photo shoot. That is very fun.

Well, below I'm showing macro photography in a #colourblackandwhite frame, and I prefer to shoot whatever I like. But this time I took a picture for you while relaxing in the cafe drinking coffee and enjoying a cigar.

First shot



Second shot



Third shot



Fourth shot



Fifth shot



Sixth shot



Seventh shot:

This is a bonus for all of you. Seen a very small little wild flower, and the color of the petals is purple. I also display it in black and white to make it look beautiful and very classic. This grass flower can be seen on the edge of the ditch, but still beautiful and charming.



Thank you to all of you who have seen and read my post today. I always wish you all well and always success in your respective activities and work. Greetings from me, @new-spirit, in Aceh (Indonesia).

CameraXiaomi Redmi 6a + Macro lens
Photos locationJawa Baru Village, Lhokseumawe, Aceh (Indonesia)


Interesting. Keep up the good work!

Okay sir. Thank you very much. I will continue to maintain my works in this Community.

Nice Macro Photos
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Kami harap kakak mau bergabung agar nilai kurasi untuk kakak dan blogger indonesia lainnya semakin besar :)
Terima Kasih dan tetap semangat blogging :)

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Thank you very much sir. May Indonesian-Hivers continue to grow and prosper. Regards.

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