Color photography and B&W: Ommatius

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Hi Hivers...

Good afternoon wherever you are, nice to meet you. Below is a portrait of a unique animal named Ommatius. The macro photography I show you all, there are only 3 poses. Because these animals are not tame and very sensitive to vibrations and sounds.

So I'm just presenting this to my friends, according to the rules of the color photography and B&W community. Hope you like it.


(This is a type of predatory insect)







And in the end, this is all I can show you all, and I also say hello to Mr. @daveks, who has founded this Community so that me and all of us can work here. Thank you very much. And then, I hope all of my friends can enjoy the #colourblackandwhite photography I made today while relaxing with my family at home.

Best Regards!

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Post topicColor photography and B&W: Ommatius
Photo locationDesa Kandang, Lhokseumawe, Aceh (Indonesia)
CameraXiaomi redmi 6a + macro lens


Don’t forget to add the #colourblackandwhite!

Nice sharp photos!

OK, I'll add those tags. Thank you very much sir @daveks.

Best regards.

Robber Fly is one type of insect that is very difficult to photograph but you photograph it perfectly.

Yes, and these animals are too sensitive to vibrations or sounds and human body movements at close range. Very tiring.