Color and black and white photo of Dragonfly.

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Hi my friend, how are you today?

On this occasion, I will share several posts, of course, dragonfly macro photos related to our own field, namely #colorblackandwhite.

Look guys, below is a photo that really caught our attention, which is a work using a macro lens that I installed on my phone. As a result, the object I got is very good. It is a dragonfly that I photographed near the forest around our village.

Black and white photo




Color photo




Alright friends, see you tomorrow, and to find new inspiration, maybe I'll stay busy taking pictures and also writing on the blog. Hehehe.. Friends, I wish you well and I wish you all success in your respective fields.


Writer and photographer; @new-spirit. Location; Lhokseumawe, Aceh, Indonesian (25.01.2023)


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