Color and black and white macro photography: Unique fly on the leaves.

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Hello my friends...

This world is indeed beautiful and will always be beautiful if we explore it. On this occasion I took a photo of a fruit fly on a leaf, and actually this is a macro portrait of my work that I took in a forest for a long time. However, I have a lot of stock and keep them in my phone gallery. However, I always protect my works from plagiarism. Because plagiarism and recycling posts is a bad job.

Since I'm busy outside, it's inevitable, so I can't post on this Hive Blog regularly. However, due to my love of macro photography and Blog Hive, until now I will always want to keep my job in the blockchain world.

Greetings to Mr @davek for making this community run well. Hopefully this #colourblackandwhite community will become a big community in the future.

Okay, all right, guys. This is a piece of macro photography art that I present to you all.

Color photo.






Photo in black and white.






The picture above is a type of fly that has the binomial name Ceratitis Capitata. This unique animal is small like a fly in general, but this animal only eats the seeds of the seeds or the juice of the petals of wild flowers.

Best Regards
By @new-spirit

About Me

The photos above are original shots by @new-spirit. Taken using the Xiaomi Redmi 6a cellphone camera, and using an external macro lens.


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