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Can exes hike together and live to tell the tale? Well, in this video, watch as my ex girlfriend Erica Saunders and I (+ dogs) hike up the infamous Runyon Canyon here in Los Angeles. Spoiler Alert: I literally hate hiking, so you may hear me complain once…or 100 times. But, Runyon Canyon is still a really great workout for your dogs & offers some killer views of Los Angeles. Enjoy!

Fun Fact: This video was shot entirely on my DJI Pocket Osmo (+ Freewell Wide Angle Lens). I also added a small external mic to boost audio since we were shooting outdoors. Links to everything below!

Editor - Joey Bergren: https://www.instagram.com/joeybergren/
Erica Saunders: https://www.instagram.com/ericasaunders21/


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🎬 Gear Used To Make This Video 🎬

📷 DJI Pocket Osmo

📷 Freewell Wide Angle Lens

🎤 DJI Pocket Osmo Adapter

🎤 Saamonic 3.5mm Mini Omidirectional Mic

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