How To Create Apple ID and Microsoft Account

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To be able to use our iPhone and Windows Laptop, we will need to download and use apps from the App Store and Microsoft store respectively. However, to be able to download and access the play stores, we need their respective accounts. I am therefore going to teach us how to create Apple ID and Microsoft Accounts. Let’s start with creating an Apple ID on our iPhone. I will be producing more content later on how to use Apple Phone and Windows PC together easily .


Creating Apple ID


  • On the homepage, scroll down and click on Create your Apple ID


  • Enter your details by providing your First name, Last name, Country, Birthday, the email you wish to be your Apple ID, and your phone number.



  • After you provide all information required, hit Continue at the bottom.


  • Enter the verification codes sent to your email and phone number for verification



  • Our Apple ID has been created successfully



Creating A Microsoft Account On Windows PC

  • Launch your web browser, go to Microsoft homepage,and on the homepage, click on Create a Microsoft account on the homepage screen.

Screenshot (230).png

  • Type in the mail you want to create your account using. I’ll be using my Gmail in this case, so I enter my Gmail in the space.

Screenshot (232).png

  • On the next page, I create a password for the Microsoft account I am creating and I hit Next.

Screenshot (234).png

  • A verification code is sent to my email. I retrieve the email, enter in the space provided here, and hit Next again.

Screenshot (238).png

  • A pop-up appears asking me if I want to stay logged in. I will choose Yes since I don’t want to have to log in every time I want to use my Microsoft account.

Screenshot (241).png

  • And voila! My Microsoft account is created.

Screenshot (242).png

  • I can add more information about myself by clicking Your Info. Over here, you can add a picture of yourself, your full name, Date of Birth, Country, Phone Numbers, and others.

Screenshot (245).png

You can explore a lot more about your Microsoft account and Apple ID by going to the related settings. Also, leave questions about this tutorial in the comment section and I will do my best to make you understand better. Thank you for reading.