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OOooooh!!! This is going to be so littt!!! It has already been but I imagine it would explode because of how easy and simple it is as a tool to design 3D objects. I found out about this on Timothy Ricks Youtube Channel (Super channel to learn Webflow) just not so long ago.

These past few days, I had a chance to give my hand on the app and play around.. a noob like myself find it easy peasy to use and really useful for simple 3D graphic design so I'm sure you will love this design tool!

Spline - 3d for the web in realtime. Use text, create basic geometric shapes, edit materials, import 3d models, and more. Control the outcome of your design work.

3D Rabbit designed in 15 minutes using Spline

Start from creating a regular square/circle then give it some depth. Move it around back and forth left and right literally 360 degree which I find it mind blowing.

Screen Shot 2021-03-03 at 9.39.13 AM.png

Screen Shot 2021-03-03 at 9.42.13 AM.png

Screen Shot 2021-03-03 at 9.43.12 AM.png

Screen Shot 2021-03-03 at 9.47.19 AM.png

Screen Shot 2021-03-03 at 9.47.50 AM.png

Screen Shot 2021-03-03 at 9.48.09 AM.png

Screen Shot 2021-03-03 at 9.48.34 AM.png

Screen Shot 2021-03-03 at 9.48.59 AM.png

Give it a go yourself and let me know how you're liking it..


Ooh! I am gonna test this out.

It's pretty fun

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