Bringing Home the Cinema Experience · TCL 4K 65 inch UHD 65A8US Unboxing

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Bringing Home the Cinema Experience

We love going out to movie theatres especially when there is a new Marvel movie out. It has been more than a year now since we last went to the theatre. All movie houses have been closed since the lockdown.

Life is not going back to normal yet anytime soon here in our country. The kids are getting tired of staying at home but we need to keep ourselves safe. We try our best to feel normal and the best that I could think of is to bring home the cinema.

We do not buy new appliances very often and our last TV was a 32 inch led that was more than 10 years old already. You could even see the colors fading already. But I guess we need this to keep everyone sane. I looked for the largest TV that I could afford and luckily we found one. We found a TCL 65 inch 4K android tv. The model was a bit old and they had it on sale.

The cost 34,995 pesos ($725.22). It expensive for us but I felt that we needed it.


When I got the TV home everyone was so excited and amazed at how big it is. Everyone waited patiently as I unboxed the package.


The first thing I saw in the box was the metal stand for the TV.


A small box was also inside that contained the free wall bracket.


When I pulled down the covers we still can't believe how large the screen was. Coming from a 32 inch TV and upgrading to a 65 inch is such a huge leap.


I pulled out a small plastic bag that contains the cables and two remote controllers. I was a bit confused why it had two remotes?


The TV was heavy and cannot be carried by one person alone. I had help from my son to carry the TV and lay it down on the bed so we can install the stand.


Once the stand was installed we set it up on the table.


Pulling off the stickers on a new appliance feels so satisfying.


After testing it, I realized that we needed a new room arrangement. We pulled down the bookshelf from the wall and converted it to a desk that was placed underneath the tv. We used the wall bracket and mounted the TV on the wall.


After reading the manual which we do not do very often. I found out that the smaller remote has a voice command for easy searching of movies or videos. I think the smaller one is the best one to use.


The voice command is activated by this button. I tried to do a couple of search commands and was surprised that it picks up every word perfectly.


Netflix would we a whole new experience with a big screen TV.


Now to turn our room into a movie theatre, The cinema experience would not be complete without popcorn.


I looked for the thickest blankets that I could find and covered all the windows. We need it to be dark of course.


The colors of the screen are vibrant for 4K resolution. As for the cinema experience, the sound was good but I think we need surround sound for a more cinematic feel. That would be a topic for another content.

As for the kids, they were very happy and still cannot believe that we have a big-screen TV. It is the best I could do to bring home the cinema.

Thanks for joining me today and hope you enjoyed our unboxing.



All photos are original and taken with

Lumix GX85 and 12-32mm kit lens

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65 inches! That's huge! I'm sure you'll get a lot of good use from it. Definitely movie and popcorn worthy!

Oh you have no idea 😄. Now there is always someone watching a movie. It is hard to get a slot 😂