Here's a Military Technology that you can BUY!

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Last year I found out about this brilliant performance lubricant brand called "Polytron". It was initially developed for the US Army to get the ultimate performance from their Tanks, Submarines and Artilleries. Currently used by 7 armies of the world.

Polytron chain lube spray.jpg

Back then it was a secret defence technology and was not known as Polytron. In 1994, the company decided to commercialize the products and make it available for the common man and since then it is available as Polytron.

Now, the product that I'm gonna talk about is known as Polytron PL Spray. PL stands for Penetrating Lubricant Spray.

polytron pl spray 1.jpg

PL can be used for variety of purposes. In the armies, it is used for lubricating the inner part of the tank guns. There are other uses of it too including the areas where there's a necessity to prevent rusting and allowing the optimal function of equipments including rifles.

polytron chain spray 3.jpg

The technology works in a way that the lubricant is very quick in penetrating deep into the troughs of crests and troughs, in turn levelling the surface out into a smooth surface which doesn't allow any breakage of micro metals.

For those curious ones interested in the working, here's a detailed video:

It's a very advanced technology that not a lot of people are aware of. It is slowly gaining popularity in India.

Me as a motorcyclist use three of the products by Polytron. Out of the three, the one I'm talking about, PL Spray is used in the chain of a motorcycle to keep it friction and rust free.

Polytron penetrating lubricant spray 5.jpg

This allows the free movement of the chain and also doesn't allow wear and tear to take place.

The speciality of this lubricant over other chain lubricants is that this penetrates deep into the linkages of the chain in turn lubricating even the innermost parts that a normal chain lubricant is not able to reach into.

polytron pl spray 6.jpg

From my experience, on a dirty chain, this lube lasted me for approx 150 - 200 kms before it cleaned out the chain completely of rust and dust.

On a clean chain, the results should last upto 400 kms or more. It helps keeping the chain temperature lower on long rides since the friction is lesser.

The other added benefit is this is dust and water resistant. The lubricant doesn't attract dust unlike the other lubricants available in the market. Nor does the lubricating effect go away if the chain comes in contact with water.

The view from the cockpit of my ex bike:

ktm duke 200.jpg

I have used this for offroad expeditions and it fared pretty good compared to the other lubes that I have tried. It's a bit on the premium side but good things always come at a premium.

So, yeah. If you are an Indian Motorcyclist and would like to give it a shot, you can purchase it here.

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