Origin of Innovative ideas - Connect with the working system.

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About 4 years ago, a friend (AJ Malik) tried to manufacture football boots. He bought an Adidas soccer boot, and he pieced the boot to see the parts he will need to work on. He intended to do something of higher quality with better animal skin leather. I saw this and said — “you could order for the sole and build the better leather you wish to build on it”, because I noticed the work he would do to get the quality sole. However, he was determined to work on everything. He got the suitable materials, bought foaming lander and the rest. And he tried to make his version of the sole.
He went to a welder shop to get things for the sole. After the entire work, I check the boot, and I saw a boot with magnificent leather and design but failed sole. He condemned the sole before I did. The sole was a mess, So, I told him, “ you are creative, and you made a better design out of the materials, but you could make it better by getting a ready-made sole.

Starting from scratch
Most of the times, we feel creative ideas are the things we start from scratch. We think being creative is thinking out of the void. When we do something and fail, we say — “let’s start again from the beginning” or “I just need to start from the button line”. But the process that works is the progressive acts from working ideas.


Many animals/insects develop or metamorphose. Caterpillar grows to a stage and turns to butterfly. If the animal kingdom were being managed by a body, and they want to build another insect that flies, they will have to start from scratch to build a new insect. They will consider the light wings and other parts that make a butterfly. This will cause unnecessary brainstorming and failures.

We mostly appreciate the work of the Wright brothers for the modern Airplane, but we failed to remember that they worked from the work by people like Samuel Langley and Octave Chanute. The best way to be productive is to pick a working system and improve it. The most working creative ideas are the combination of an old concept with new ideas. Most innovative thinking connects systems to form another greater system. Satoshi Nakamoto invented the blockchain technology, but many creative people have been using his/their concept to create more solutions to our world.


The Football boot failure shows the example of starting from scratch. He was a creative man, but he missed the fact that he need to start by utilizing the already working tools and materials. We all work and plan to create something, but we are blind to the right things to connect for us to create the solution that we wish to get. You can pick a working system, connect your idea and get a perfect solution.

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It's an interesting point of view, and I do agree that we shouldn't invent hot water, and we should use what we have to build something better... And this goes in 98% things...

But, on the other side, there are examples when it's better to do it "from the scratch", as it can evolve in something completely different, revolutionary different...

You are right, but not everyone have the "crazy" ability to start from scratch.