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Before I begin my post I'd like to say GOD is great.This is because whether we like it or not, any form of innovations and ideas orchestrated by the scientists is from our common benefactor. Although some people say that there are simply no proof or evidence of any divine origin of this world and there’s no galley proof that there’s a God and also that there are no attestation that this universe has come about through any divine purpose, Believe me there are those who argue that and I think we all know that too.

Over the period of time, scientist has come to discover lots of things that has in one way or the other made lots of drastic change to our lives in all ramifications, like forensic science, quantum physics, atomic energy & nuclear energy, laser technology, nano technology, fibre optics, global telecommunication and many more. Believe me this has so much helped the human race beyond imagination.

Now before I say anything concerning time travel, I'd like us to define time as it's applied to our universe and I don't mean to define time universally because we cannot, it's too wide of a subject and we haven't explore that much. So what's time in just simple term; Now, time is simply the succession or duration of how events are happening and of course we all know that to travel is to go from one place to another which in most cases can be over a long distance.

So when we say time travel what do we imply. I know we have people on this platform who must have seen some time travel movies like The tomorrow war, Synchronic, Back to the future and many more. These are interesting movies that made us think so much about time travel and even made us feel like experiencing it in our world.


Over time, scientists has been giving theories concerning time travel and we've seen some that said that it works theoretically but not practically affirmed yet, I've heard theories that says we can time travel once we're able to travel in the fraction of the speed of light. Hence, I once heard a speech of professor Michio Kaku, a professor of theoretical physics at the city University of New York when he talked about a theory called string theory which says that peering into the heart of an electron makes us see that it's a tiny vibrating string and the number of vibration is somewhat infinite which makes us see sub atomic particles and each of these particle corresponds to a different set of vibrations of a rubber string. In addition, it was said that this theory hasn't been tested yet but if tested, it might allow the building of time travel machine which is the subject of our topic.

This can be a mind blowing innovation, I mean going back to like a decade back or traveling in decade forward. I can't really imagine this. My question is what problem do we think it's gonna solve, I'd love to hear your story


look up poject pegasus

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