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Hi, I'm @techlhab. Ever since I fell in love with robotics, one of its aspects I always love is the drone. Because it could fly which makes it unique and awesome. It is a technology designed to solve a lot of problems and over the years it has greatly improved, advanced, and is highly utilized in various industries globally.



As we all know that drones are also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) which is a type of aircraft that does not require a pilot in it. Drones are controlled by a ground-based remote controller, or through an onboard computer.

They were mainly developed initially to help humans on missions that were considered too dangerous, or not appropriate for human pilots. They were mostly used for military purposes once they were first invented but today they'll be seen in use for other purposes like for research project, agricultural use, recreational use, commercial use, and for surveillance, police investigation, peacekeeping missions, racing, etc.

Applications of Drone

  • Agricultural Use



With the advancement of drone technology, they are now used on farms to control pests by using them to spray insecticides, monitor crops, and livestock, and do other farm activities.

Which help in increasing maximizing productivity and reducing losses caused by pests.

  • Military Use



Drones are used at war zones which are extremely dangerous for soldiers and war journalists to go as a result that it could cause a big risk to their lives and properties to keep records of what is happening as they occur in real-time in the war zones. With the help of drones lot of military operations can now be done or performed effectively and efficiently without the need of risking lives to keep records of war events and perform some military operations which soldiers and war journalists would normally need to risk their lives for.

  • Movie Industry



In the firming industry, the drone is now greatly utilized in creating capturing movies by equipping the drone with a high-definition (HD) camera. Years back the movie industry uses helicopters, cranes, or airplanes in capturing movies but with the advent of drones, they have become something of the past due to the high cost, size, and other considerations.

Drones come with a more manageable cost and also they are very versatile.

  • Logistics



  • Animal Protection



  • Health Care

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  • Construction



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Drones'ore have not been mined yet, that is,the future of drones is almost here where drones will be very smart. A good write up you have there @techlhab

That's true. Thanks for the nice comment @temibot 🤝.