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life is filled with obstacles that tries to hold you from attaining your goal but believing in yourself rise you above every obstacle.


I welcome you to another episode of my daily diary which I discuss what I do mostly at work but this time, I would love to have some mixture of my feelings and pour out my thoughts at the moment before I go into that discussion.

Few moments ago, I chatted with my mom about school resumption. Yeah if you are thinking, I am still a student. I finished my diploma two years ago and then applied to study another course in a University which I would be resuming school in probably two weeks time. I talked to her concerning tuition fees and her response showed that there wasn't much at hand.

I don't want to worry my parents so much about me, so I have decided to have a little change of plans which I have made for this month. Initially, my plans were to power up my earnings but I have got to save for tuition fees at the same time. So I would probably keep storing my hive to see how things work out if maybe I would use it to pay my tuition fees or money could come elsewhere for it.

My work doesn't pay much actually, I only work because of the knowledge and they sponsor my feeding and transportation everyday, so I don't have problem with that.

So let's go into how my day went. 🤗🤗🤗

The day started to be rainy, infact it rained through out the day. At work, we had plans to visit 3 locations which two is at Ikoyi and the third at Oniru lekki Lagos.

The rainy weather

I took the above picture when we got to the first site location. It was so rainy. The problem is caused what was that the site didn't have diesel to start their generator for us to work on their elevator, so they were dependent on electricity and here in my country, rain is equal to no electricity.


Since there was no light and the generator could not be put on, we decided to come back later in the day. The man on black in the picture above is the one in charge of the lift operations and the generator and the one beside the vehicle is a more experienced colleague at work.


In the picture above is Mr Samuel who is the person we all work. He is the CEO of sampope elevators who is also an engineer himself. He wanted to confirm the lift we worked on yesterday from our yesterday's diary. I mean the lift we had troubleshoot yesterday which we found it has an issue with the board. So, he wanted to confirm himself if it was actually so. This made our second destination to be YMCA which is also in Ikoyi Lagos.

The problem the lift showed is after powering up the elevator, the elevator makes a first run to correct itself which is normal but when it is being called to another floor, the door of the elevator opens wide without closing.


From the image above with was taken on Tuesday when we first came to troubleshoot it, the doors of the elevator opens down without closing even after it is being called to another floor.

Above is exactly how the elevator was operating. Before we concluded it was the board, we had check the remote station of the elevator and the contactors involved in the operation of the elevator doors but they were working properly.

The control panel of the elevator

My boss was actually going through the whole process which we had earlier done. After everything, he was later convinced it was the board that needed to be checked on.

The third site we visited was at Oniru Lekki, Lagos State. We got there around 3pm in the afternoon and it was still raining.


This site was built for residents having different apartment with its own elevator. Obviously, this is not the first time I have written about this place. Two days ago we helped to service a lift in one apartment which we were called later to check that of the other apartment.

When we got there, there was no light because of the rain. We waited still after 4pm before the generator was put on for us to use but painfully, our time had been wasted so we only decided to check if the board of the elevator was okay then leave to for first place we visited.

After checking, the board was fine but the only issue was it didn't work on normal operation but worked on inspection/emergency operation. We decided to keep the board and check back tomorrow.

Here are pictures taken below. I hold the board on my hands.





We rushed back to the first site we visited but still there was no light. The person in charge of the generator decided to put on the generator for us. It was around after 5pm when the generator was on.

The building was 12 floors with very high stairs. I walked up with the heavy bag of tools at my back up to the roof where the elevator control panel was at.

Since time had gone, we decided to check if the board of that elevator was working well. This elevator is an old Otis elevator almost similar to the lift of the second site we visited.


After the board above was fixed, we powered up the elevator to see how the elevator would work and if the board would work properly.



In the image above, the led lights on the board tells us how the elevator is operating even without having a test tool available. The problem shown in the image above is that led 4 NOR/diag is meant to be on as well. The led 4 means the lift is at normal operation.

The board was earlier serviced and there is no way the elevator would work without having the NOR being on. It would definitely work on inspection mode but not on normal run.

Since it was a board problem, the board was removed to be re-serviced later. Time was fast spent and it was around 6pm. We had to leave immediately because of the heavy traffic on the way.

While on my way home, I faced a very terrific traffic. A journey which I was meant to use 1-2hrs before I get home, I used 5hrs on the road. I got home almost 11pm.

So I have been writing this diary bit by bit since I got home yesterday after I spoke to my mom and still this morning. I had to wake up early as 4pm to complete the diary.

Thanks for reading, that's all for now. I would come back tomorrow to tell you how today would work out. I hope you have a nice day.







Good story indeed!

Are you really into that job of fixing an Elevator?

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Baba. slow down o 😁😁😂🤣😂😁😂😁 I think sey na you won fix am ni.

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