Now Dapp Platforms Are Listing Hive!

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Dear Hivers,

Almost two hour ago, listed Hive on its website. Fortunately, it is already covered here.

And in this post, I want to go into the detail.

First of all, is another aggregator with over 300,000 pageviews every month.

Not only have they listed Hive but also featured it on the homepage.

Plus, it also says “Steem Out?” — a clickbaithy title aimed to attract users.


And what’s more? actually emailed thousands of readers. I received this email in my inbox a couple of hours ago.


One important piece from the email:

Hive builds its own ecosystem, but still, focuses on social features. Some dapps totally moved out of Steem, migrated to Hive, which strongly influenced the ecosystem of both blockchains.

Who will be the NO.1 social dapp blockchain?

It is a question designed to make you think. And with this, Dapp has also linked to the entire article here!


If you see, the article is a balanced view on Hive’s future growth. It shows the number of dapps — and how they are moving to Hive.

As with anything, we will begin to witness dozens of dapp platforms going crazy. They will start listing Hive. Because these sites seek attention — and they will use Hive as an opportunity.

It’s nothing new, really.

Just see what’s hot. And get them on the website.

Right now, Hive’s the hottest token around.

Just last week, Dappradar also listed Hive. As mentioned here, Dappradar has written an article about the dapp ecosystem. They have mentioned Hive.

Two key takeaways were:

  • Hive ended the month with the daily activity of around 4,000 unique wallets.

  • The “messy” divorce between Hive and Steem has affected the price in a positive way: Hive is up by 201% while Steem declined 31%.

DappReview — another dapp website — has listed Hive’s portfolio of apps on their website. What makes this interesting are the thousands of retweets on Twitter.

So in short:

  • Every exchange started listing Hive
  • Then we had coin aggregators listing Hive… aggressively.
  • And now, these dapp platforms are listing Hive!

Like each drop filling up the ocean, these tiny efforts are leading to massive growth. It's good to see this.

And knowing all these, here’s what next:

Action #1:

Actively look into Twitter and track the #Hive hashtag.

For example: Dapp just posted about Hive — and you can show your support by liking + RTing this.

Doing this, we are spreading the word — and gaining their users on our platform.

Action #2:

Actively follow Dapp websites (smaller ones) and get them to list Hive.

Again, this is the current trend. We simply have to find as many Dapp platforms as possible — and request them to list Hive.

My simple contribution earlier was to get Hive listed on CoinPaprika. And it worked. So I thought I will write this post to share what’s on my mind and see what we can do as a community.

Overall, I am also highly optimistic about Hive’s growth — seeing the number of new accounts jumped from ~150 to ~300+ everyday. And now looking at these wonderful dapp platforms listing us...

Good times are certainly here!


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From that time on, a dApps based website without Hive listing cannot be accepted as an up-to-date one.
Hive has a nice percentage in terms of dApps in ecosystem 😎

Absolutely. I am a bit too optimistic these days!

Also, love how you said "dApp" and not "dapp."

It's nice to see more attention going to HIVE, including old and new DApps coming in. I've read recently, that Justin Sun bought out a huge Ethereum-based game to move to TRON, so I guess there's no price he won't pay to get some attention, eh? I still don't know about the future of Steemit, but it does appear rather dead of any quality engagement there, from what I'm concerned with anyway. Just two more weeks, and my power-down of STEEM should be done :-)


You always make terrific comments! Love reading them.

Cheers! I could not have made terrific comments without equally terrific posts to comment about! That's the beauty of Hive. Take care, you beautiful bastard 😘