Devil Gene vs God Gene (war has begun via vaccines)

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All of the ingredients and chemicals inside the covid vaccine gene delivery drugs are things that experimental lab scientists would follow safety procedures to avoid exposure to. In other words they try very hard not to allow these ingredients to touch or enter into their bodies during lab research.

So why are innocent people craving to be injected with these same very harmful ingredients?

The people that are pushing and injecting these poisonous gene delivery drugs must get extreme pleasure out of this sadistic agenda to freely abuse their fellow humans this way. And if it's not sadistic pleasure they must have been paid a very pretty penny to lie and cheerlead for these toxic lethal injections!

Once you know these ingredients by law and basic morality you should be forced to "discourage" their usage as a healthy life saving medicine!

So let's look at a couple of ingredients that's inside these vaccines

(Modified mRNA aka "Devil Gene")

This is a genetically modified bio-synthetic lab created messenger ribonucleic acid
(mRNA). It will override your unique natural DNA coding instructions once it has been transfected into healthy human cells via transfection of lipid nanoparticles using graphene oxide reagent.

This mRNA enzyme code will force healthy cells to differentiate into very harmful enhanced antibody cells that are programmed to make genetically modified motility spike protein receptors in the body by replacing the vmat-2 enzyme coding instructions from your natural DNA which normally would make healthy motility spike proteins.

(Pegylated graphene oxide infused genetically engineered lipid nanoparticle/exosome)

These are highly toxic but stable bio synthetic pegylated transfectable/transmissible (active/live) retroviral bio-synthetic lipid nanoparticles. They are made with (SM-102, polyethylene glycol [PEG] 2000 dimyristoyl glycerol [DMG],
cholesterol, 1,2-distearoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine [DSPC]) and graphene oxide [GO]

(Other Adjuvants)
acetic acid
sodium acetate trihydrate

Just so you are fully aware, these gene delivery drugs "covid vaccines" are not legally approved!

These gene delivery drugs "covid vaccines" have been deemed not safe for human use but were approved for emergency use activation but only with full consent under experimental clinical trials and are In live clinical trials until the year 2023.

Here is the official release pack from october 2020 for these gene delivery drugs "covid vaccines" checkout page 16 for the expected reactions to humans after injection of these neurotoxic substances!

Click link below for more information about SM-102.

The bottom line is, that these drug injections are not intended for human use!

After the gene drug "vaccine" injection you are no longer a natural human being because you agreed to be injected with a gene editing drug! Moderna compares it to "installing a new operating system" inside you. You basically consented to become part of "Lucifer's Race" or as the bible calls it "accepting the mark of the beast"!

SM-102 Is administered with luciferase that will emit light at approximately 550 – 570 nm.

SM-102 Luciferin lipid nanoparticles contain the genetically engineered mRNA (Devil Gene) which is able to pass the blood brain barrier, the blood placenta barrier and the blood testis barrier.

The luciferase assay is used to determine if a newly transcripted protein is transcribing the expression of a target gene, which in this case is the (VMAT-2 gene on chromosome 8) which is also known as the "God Gene"!


Having a bright luciferase glow means the "Devil Gene" protein enzyme function is being expressed or fully activated and has gone live in the cell through successful transcription, the cells will express a bright luciferase light glow under a black light!

If the "Devil Gene" protein enzyme does not transcript fully, the cells will express less luciferase or none. This means the "Devil Gene" did not transcribe fully into the cell and the original vmat-2 gene is still expressed as normal. However this can lead to negative health problems as your body is trying to push out or detoxify the toxic substances that you chose to be injected with!

Once the new "Devil Gene" is active it will require a lot of energy—a single photon of green light requires about the same energy as the breaking of eight Adenosine Triphosphate Molecules (ATP).


So how do we know this is happening?

ATP is essentially like a molecular currency or "signal" in the body that is needed to give power to process gene expression and protein function!

So, luciferase uses a very energetic process to create the false artificial light, since the light-emitting reaction of luciferase is self-contained as it needs only oxygen and ATP, researchers have been using it as a tool in scientific research.

It can be used inside cells as a sensor that reports the amount of ATP - if it is glowing, there must be ATP around. Luciferase has also been attached to other proteins to watch where they are in living organisms.

Normal light is often too dim to follow in individual cells, so it has been used to label large collections of cancer cells mostly.



By watching glowing cancer cells, researchers can follow a cancer as it grows and metastasis, and test new By watching glowing cancer cells, researchers can follow a cancer as it grows and metastasis, and test new anticancer therapies to see if they stop its growth.

The color of light that is emitted by luciferase is highly dependent on the amino acids that surround the luciferin.

Watch video links below to understand what the drug companies meant when they say "we are installing a new operating system into people."




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