How does curation work on Hive, what are the rules, posting and voting limits?

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How does curation work on Hive, what are the rules, posting and voting limits?


You thought Hive was a perfect place just for writers?
You were wrong.
On Hive readers, the so-called "curators" have an enormous dignity, just like that of the authors, for some, including me, even more importance than the authors themselves.

To give you a first guideline when you create a post the total reward will be divided into 2 parts:

  • Author Reward
  • Curator Reward

Author reward

It's that reward fee that will be totally distributed to the author of the post.

Curator reward

It is that share of the reward that will be distributed within the pool of curators, i.e. all those who voted for that specific post.


Important note:
Even if a post published on hive will last forever, its reward will cease to increase after 7 days from publication.
Authors and editors will be "paid" after 7 days, each with their own share.

This mechanism should stimulate readers to give their votes according to the quality of the posts.
This is not always the case, unfortunately, because you often create mechanisms for voting without reading, you vote out of sympathy for that user or simply because voting for that post might agree more, make more money.

It is, however, a mechanism that has been much improved compared to what happened on steemit.
On Hive there is much more interaction, participation, real life.
It seems that some new mechanisms are working.
You always have to look for improvement but what has been created is really incredible.

To give a stupid example, it's as if tomorrow you took a 100-line sheet of paper to a party and told the participants:

Read this paper and pay me a certain amount each.
The bigger the total amount, the more money you get in return.
Be careful though, everyone will be paying not with real money but with monopoly money! Everyone will receive a "liquid" sum + a "monopoly" sum.

Basically, each participant will go home with a few extra monopoly money and a few extra euros/dollars in their pockets.