Will Humans In The Distant Future Choose To Live In Virtual Reality?

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Human life has evolved quite a lot in the past few decades. Our habits, our lifestyle and all other aspects of life have been influenced by the technological advancements that have happened since personal computers became a thing.

More than a century ago, cars had brought a similar change in how humans lived. Before cars, it was the train. The point is, with each new level of technological prowess, our lifestyle changes. It always has and it always will.

In the future, there are so many developments that will shape human life. It is almost impossible to predict what life would be like merely a century from now. That's how fast and how significantly the world changes.

In the more distant future, even bizarre predictions might become a normal thing. One of these is that humans could choose to live in virtual reality instead of the real one.

Virtual Life

This prediction for the future sounds eerie and is something akin to the movie Matrix. The idea is that there will be a common virtual world (a virtual reality) where we will all be able to participate through the internet and tiny wearable devices.

Virtual reality is already quickly becoming a thing, especially during the current pandemic. Since people can't meet in the real world, they are meeting in the virtual world like virtual meetings, virtual cinema halls, virtual concerts, etc.

Right now the graphics in virtual reality are really basic. They feel like the graphics of video games in the 90s. But, as we have already seen with the evolution of video games, they will quickly start looking very real. It is then that the idea will become a real possibility.

It will be so advanced that we wouldn't be able to tell the difference from reality. Once that happens, one can see why people would choose to spend a lot of their time in the virtual world. It would have all the great things about reality but without any restrictions. Not even the laws of Physics would matter there.

It would be like being able to consciously live in your dreams. No restrictions and all the fun you can imagine. If the future of humans figure out a way where money ain't an issue anymore, I am sure they will spend most of their times in virtual reality. It would be a strange and ghastly world for sure though!!


It would be a fun reality. VR will be the new internet.

It would be fun for sure. But if, as a whole, we started spending much more time in the virtual reality, it could have some grave consequences.

Virtual world living could be a reality, however there are some serious issue with it. People can and do become so wrapped up online with out the virtual reality part today, and forget to eat drink or sleep, they forego the basic needs of life for a life that is not real. being immersed in a total virtual reality how many would die, because they forgot to live? How many would die because any wake-up system was disabled by the user or by a hacker?

There will always be some that want the virtual life, and it will change things. Nature would have a chance to re-bloom, as all the VC (Virtual Citizens) would not need much just a tank bed that would feed their bodies, remove the waste, and sync their sleep cycle up to the Virtual World. You could reduce the city land mass of a place like new your to a couple hundred acres.

There would have to be Tenders, people forced to feed and power the VC's. To dispose of the ones that die. Automation has come a long way, a lot of this could be automated, but machines break down, natural accidents happen, there would have to be real people with the knowledge to repair, update, or replace machinery that failed. Not everyone would be able to be a VC, and that could cause discrimination effects and war. In this case the simple act of the Tenders walking away would be a war against the VC's, becuase there would then be no one to tend to their real life needs.

"how many would die, because they forgot to live?"..... THIS!! I couldn't have said it any better. This is exactly what can and will happen if virtual reality becomes so immersive that we can't distinguish it from reality. Shows like Black Mirror have touched upon this too.

The picture you have painted is something that is VERY possible in the distant future. And I think this is one of the paths that humanity could definitely go in. It would divide the world into two groups. One would be the virtual and one would be the real. Pretty intriguing to think about all this.

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