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RE: Mineral Mondays #68 - Gem O Rama The End Of An Era

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You showed me some mobile app screen shot. I showed you actual HIVE blockchain data. You continue to threaten me and call me names. Again, exactly why I unfollowed you and removed my vote.


You keep running your mouth.... Absolutely you offend people? They might get upset at you.

You might want to start being a lot more careful with your dealings with other people especially people who really are crazy.

By the way if you missed my point I'm the same person who was able to use an edged weapon against 10 people and not go to prison... Am I crazy absolutely everybody here knows I'm crazy and homeless and my entire life story.

You want to start a conflict... You're pretty good at it. Watch what you say. Actual repercussions of your words can be immense.

And threaten you of course I can totally threaten to put you on downvote. You called me a liar and you decided to start this entire thing and be disrespectful...

On top of being extremely rude and telling me to go get mental help when obviously I do have huge mental problems is extremely offensive and really pitiful that you would run your mouth and go there.

Honestly enough why don't you go do that too some real crazy person in real life and see how that works out for you....

Because it's obviously blowing up in your face right now.

I didn't start anything. You came onto my post and started shit, calling me a liar. I never called you a liar, I showed you HIVE blockchain data that proved you were wrong in your accusation.

Now you are seriously threatening physical violence against me??

By all means go ahead and test that assumption at your earliest convenience and I'll schedule you right in good sir.

By all means if you should wish to agree to fisticuffs let us go ahead and meet.

Personally I do think that you would immediately try to change all of this around so that you could be a victim.

So again yes you are a liar.. yes you said some offending things and got a response..

So until you get off your little pony and stop being a princess and apologize I'm going to continue down voting you.

If you keep being an ass I'll go out and I'll put all 14 of my accounts to downvote you automatically.

But yes absolutely making fun of people who have mental illnesses is abusive behavior. You're the one that decided to start it well enjoy what you've decided to get.

Go out and go cry to everybody about how you're such a victim when you started all this and you started running your mouth..

It's all written down here on the blockchain you can't change a thing but here you are bullying and being abusive to a person with mental health issues and they just told you to go stuff it up your ass.

So yeah let me know when you want to apologize..

Because I can keep downvoting all of your content and as well throw a comment on every comment that you make telling the world exactly what kind of person you are.

Yeah you want to talk about threats how about I tell the entire world about what you just did.

Absolutely abusive and definitely against terms of service. Then you throw this drama queen princess fit and make it all about you...

That is definitely perfect.. you're so spineless that you can't even take accountability for the words that you said. And then you try to shift and deflect..

You want to be abusive fine let's go. I'll call you out for being a bully all day long. I'll make it my life's mission to enjoy it as well...

I've been around a long time. I might know a lot of things that you don't and I've got a lot of friends that you don't have.

However being verbally abusive to a person that has mental issues... That is absolutely disgusting behavior. Your mama should beat some respect into you and your dad should cry and shame that he failed to raise an actual man.

Pitiful and disgusting go abuse somebody else. I have a feeling that you are such a person that this is only one of many instances where you have run your mouth been disrespectful and nobody's called you on it yet.

Knock yourself out. Or apologize. But don't ever come to me again running your mouth.

You're right, it's all here on the blockchain and screenshot for when you decided to go back and edit the posts. The only person on this thread bullying and being abusive is you. I very much stand by my words more now than before, seek help, find god.

LoL beseeching deities isn't going to help you anymore than trying interesting objects as butt plugs.

You're an abusive little bully and you just got called out for your behavior. Now you've made an enemy.

By all means go ahead and threaten me right back just like you have because you got caught and you refuse to take any kind of responsibility for your actions.

You absolutely proved your point my point as being completely valid and the same however you're just mad because you made yourself out to be a little punk.

And absolutely you want to go cry... Please fill me a bucket full of those tears so I'm a bathe in it.

And I have a problem with your words. By all means come here and let's discuss this in person. Since obviously you brought this entire actual physical altercation into it Washington state law allows you and me to resolve differences with a physical confrontation. It happens to be the mutual combat law you might want to look it up. So actually if you totally want to schedule a boxing match I would be more than happy to host you here and I've got a gym that we could have the match at..

All ticket sales from you getting absolutely punked... I will donate to my 501c3 nonprofit charity that is going to specialize in support for mental health.

So yeah. You are a liar you're a punk you can't even take responsibility for your own words. You're a disgusting little snot that deserves to be wiped off with a handkerchief while other people look on with disgust and then relief when you're finally tucked away into a pocket to be released into the wild of the washing machine and flush down the toilet.

Absolutely garbage behavior. You totally deserve to be called on it.

I take full responsibility for everything I have said in this post and stand by it 100%. You came in here called me a liar, threatened me, downvoted all of my posts, even comments on friends posts and continue to threaten me with physical violence. Stop it dude.

Once again you prove that you are absolutely a liar.

You absolutely started all of this.

They started being insulting and being a bully.

You threaten that unfollowing me is supposed to be this big huge thing but I really don't care.

I warned you to apologize and not escalate this and you decided to run your mouth some more and make up a bunch of things.

So what are you going to do are you going to go tell Mommy? Are you going to run out there and hire a gang of mercenaries to come attack me?.

Or are you just being a pathetic little punk. Got caught lying and running his mouth. Decided to be offensive and run your mouth about mental health issues?

Absolutely I'll tell you to go fuck off.

And absolutely you want to come here and say that to my face and see what happens? Legally we can resolve our differences with physical Force here. By all means come wandering over and have a conversation to my face and start being disrespectful like you just were and see how far it gets you.

But the big deal here is the fact that you turned into a punk and started crying and whining about how you're the victim when you're the one that initiated the situation...

So absolutely you're a liar.

I can throw more flags if you want. Just wait you ain't seen nothing yet. If you want to be a bully there are repercussions here. Especially when you start to bully somebody who can fight back.