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RE: Mineral Mondays #68 - Gem O Rama The End Of An Era

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I just showed you the blockchain data after you called me a liar. Then you continue to threaten me. WTF is wrong with you dude? Seriously, seek mental help.


Go read my last post and that'll show you the reason why mental health has already been explored.

I don't know anything about your mental problems nor do I care. I care about you calling me a liar repeatedly, threatening me, and downvoting me because I removed a vote from your post.

Yeah you can go ahead and keep running your mouth.

So you downloaded me to remove rewards.

Because we have a problem or something and then you start being offensive and bullying and now you get pissed off and start crying because I tell you that you're being offensive and you're a liar...

How about this how about I'll keep going and I'll downvote everything that you've got until you apologize.

Absolutely if you want to bully and offend somebody... I'm offended.. you're offensiveness offends me. And so does your attitude..

Do you understand English, I removed a proxy vote. That is not a downvote. I haven't downvoted any of your posts, but I will be removing any other of my proxy votes on your posts.

Bullying? lol, dude, everyone can see the chronology of this conversation with you freaking out and threatening me in every post because you can't understand how HIVE works.

You don't have nothing for a vote... LoL... Oh he's going to take it away...

Fine get off the curation trail.

But since you're going to continue down voting me... Absolutely I'm down to war. Hang on a minute. Just watch you have definitely made an enemy now. I'll be happy to follow through with all of my promises.

And all because you wanted to be verbally abusive to a person with mental health issues about mental health issues... LoL and then start crying and get all offended.

So yeah go ahead. Let's get it done I'm totally down.

Obviously you don't understand how respect works and you're obviously completely oblivious to your actions.

That basically makes you an idiot.

Apparently as smart as you are you just run into a big huge issue so let me know and I'll continue delivering those down votes. Or you can apologize specifically for being an abusive little shit.