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Purification in Percy's Shadow

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divine Februus
douses a land on fire
with hailstone
and frost


safe-keeper of warmth

Prometheus enlightens
forges, melds, and transcends

iron tethers remain rooted in clay
yet the stem extends
fingers sprout strings


a gentle glance
laid on a slumbering Mars

a search for life
the return of hope
ignited in Percy's shadow
purification gained
through possibility

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I set my alarm early today, well early for me, still maintaining Beijing time for at least half of each day. I love to tell my students what time it is for me. Every politician should have to spend time with the children of its nation's supposed foe. If the leader remains unaffected, time to get a new leader.

Anyways ...

At the crack of 11:15 am, I rose to a delicious cup of buttered coffee and the sweet tones of NASA's mission control.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Perseverance landed and radioed-back its first shots of the Martian surface, which believe it or not is actually colder than where you are now.

Don't hate me because I live in the Pacific Northwest, but things are rather balmy in comparison in Lotus Land (Vancouver). This was not the case a few days ago. We did get a light speckling of snow and temperatures way down to a couple degrees below zero (Celsius).

My neighbour's rose bush was undeterred and still found a way to get its flower on. What a enduring being ta is. Despite being doused in unexpected cold ta understands the secret to weathering tough times is maintaining one's beauty and fortitude.

Take a lesson. Spring is coming and with it a season of enlightenment and growth. All you have to do is resolve to bloom.


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You've really put a lot into this post, with talk of Percy-on-Mars, teaching our "enemies" children, and more Bara!

I had NASA tv on in the front room all day yesterday. I wish I could have found a way to work for NASA in any aspect. It'd be fascinating to be in that room when any of those rovers landed successfully.

I've always believed that racism is the produce of fear and is a learned trait, not an innate one. On a micro level, people everywhere really all want the same thing: peace, food, comfort, and a better world for their children.

Everything that is not love has its root in fear. Alas people seem to have become very uncomfortable with states of love and quite at home in fear states. Children not so much and I think NASA is one way that childish wonder and love come together. WOW

You just helped me explain my poem and aspects of my life at the moment that I am struggling a tad with. Thank you, friend.

Yes ... it was space day at this house yesterday too. I wish NASA landed a rover everyday. Is that too much to ask for.

I'm such a nerd.

Nerd. Haha, yes, me too. It's all over my profile.

I'm glad to be able to help! Not entirely sure how, but I'm glad it had a positive impact. 😃

There are days I think Michigan could give Mars a run for its money alright. To that rose, I would like to say, welcome to my world :)

Hi Paul. That rose bush is still giving. Ta weathered the winter rather well:)