While in quarantine, confinement and isolation, I ask myself a few odd questions.

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  • Grandma says that this generation only thinks about sex. Sex, Sex, Sex ...all the time thinking in sex!

  • That this generation nowadays is incapable to bear barely a few days of confinement, isolation and social distancing and stay still.

  • Then I look at the family photo within the big frame hanging on the wall of the room and I have to tell to myself.

  • Sheesh! Duh! Yeah! these must be things typical of a monogamy virus.

This past Sunday most of us celebrated Mother's Day worldwide. And as expected, like many others on the platform, I also published an article in tribute to mothers around the world.

Yeah, mine was probably not the longest article, nor the shortest, nor the most articulate, nor the most orthodox of all. But nonetheless, I have the hunch it was one pretty thoughtful, coherent, eloquent and utterly well rounded up. And after posting it, I was left thinking some strange things.

Some strange things like:

The conqueror (and possibly inveterate rapist) Genghis Khan likely fathered hundreds of children across his continent-of-Asia-spanning empire approximately 800 years ago; genetic evidence implies some 16 million people alive today are descended from him.

And precisely here it is, from where one of the first strange questions that I ask myself arises:

  • Observing the amount of interaction and engagement that is currently going on in these digital realms of cryptocurrencies, financial social networks and blockchains. And witnessing the frenzy efforts of many noteworthy members of these platforms attempting to catch, convince, recruit and onboard a lot more for their own cause.

  • I wonder how many of those very same 16 million of Genghis Khan's descendants are already wandering around our blockchains looking for mates willing to be fertilized.

Put another way, barnacles select mates simply by being able to reach them, not by what they may look like when they get here.

Yep, I'm well aware these are times of change. And that while we all still remain locked down in strict quarantine, confinement, isolation and social distancing, new seduction and mating tricks must be put into practice in order to try populate our ecosystems with some degree of success.

So, in consequence. After all these evident facts and events that I've been watching these days. The last odd thing that I asked myself was:

Is it possible that while we'll keep insisting in remain firmly attached permanently to the surface of our own rocks like immobile barnacles in a futile attempt to try fertilize without organic votes, vivid interaction and genuine 'human' engagement to our congeners, newcomers, newbies and wannabes whom we have already recruited and they live with us NOW.

¿Is it possible that it was specifically about these type of invertebrate specimens the ones that grandma was referring to as This Generation?

¿The ones who only thinks about sex but are unable to endure barely a few days of confinement, isolation and social distancing staying still?

¿The ones she had in mind and were really the target of her witty critic, sound insinuation and wise advice?

¿The right people and the real candidates to whom her spontaneous message was truly addressed assuming she already knew about what a barnacle is and how is their social and sexual life?

Oh boy! Holy cow! I just wonder what grandma would have said if she just knew about Bonobos social and sexual life too.

"Pan Paniscus"

For these primates, sex is a political language that fosters social harmony in heterosexual, homosexual, and incestuous combinations. For them sex is not only for procreation, it has to do with tolerance, harmony and the free market.

««-Yeah, I had already said that these were somewhat odd questions-»»

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