Is the FUTURE just a fallacy? apparently some "physical" evidences hints that it is!

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¡Howdy my dear readers!

Today I bring you a topic of #discussion that for these times that are running seems more than appropriate to debate. ¡The Future! yes the "future". Is there such a thing as the future? Some free thinkers out there begin to question it. As also did a great number of scientists, astronomers, researchers and philosophers centuries ago.

Apparently more and more "physical" evidences have emerged every day that suggests that we have long been living in an intimate mirage and perpetual fantasy that only resides in our own minds. Our own inner bubble in space-time continuum.

Alright! let's expand the concept just a little bit.

I think that on several occasions before, I have mentioned that I am a scientist. A research scientist indeed. But I also believe that I never made it clear to you what science specialty I graduated from. Well, I studied and graduated from physics. So, I suspect I must be a physicist. Or at least that's what my college title says. :)

But yeah, to tell the truth, let's say that I never practiced physics as a profession for a long time due to the scarce field of work that my country offered me in that specialty of scientific research. So, after a couple of years practicing it in the academic area of the university environment and some of the few research institutions on the matter in the country, due to strictly financial and economic reasons I suddenly decided to switch and immerse myself in the HiTech field as soon as the opportunity pop up.

And it has been precisely in the area of high technology that I have developed my career professionally since then. But without ever forgetting my first great love in the world of scientific research despite the fact that it was no longer able to reward me financially. Therefore, I never stop being up to date on the matter of this first love.

And well, you may wonder if all this that I have told you above is going to have any relevance with what I will develop next. Uhm, ok, let's let that you decide and you conclude that by yourself according to your own criteria. But for me, I think it was necessary to include that brief prelude in the discussion. And in few seconds you will see why.

So, The Future eh? Ok, here's the thing:

“How long is forever?” - asks Alice.
“Sometimes, just one second” - replies the White Rabbit.

  • ¿How do we know that the usual perception is right, and any other is wrong?

  • "When we wake from a vivid dream we are dimly aware that the sense of time we have just experienced is illusory"

  • “Quantum mechanics cannot deal with the curvature of spacetime, and general relativity cannot account for quanta”

So, as an attentive and keen observer in space-time from your own perspective and specific point of reference where you are standing, between Loop Theory and String Theory it is easy to catch that Reality is not what it seems and at this level there is no evidence of time, let alone direction ...or existence. Isn't it?

  • The difference between past and future, between cause and effect, between memory and hope, between regret and intention in the elementary laws that describe the mechanism of the world, there is no such difference. In a quantum world, with neither what we understand as substance or order, there are only events, which crowd around chaotically. At the deepest level of mathematical physics, time does not exist at all.

Well, in fact I don't have the intention to eat your brain too much with this subject. It's just that lately, through the Hive blockchain, I have been reading perhaps too many posts talking now about the future or that refer to the future in some way.

Yeah, I suppose that due to the current circumstances of imposed confinement, isolation, quarantine and social distancing that is going on worldwide. That all this unusual situation probably is awakening in people more often than ever feelings of anxiety, agitation, watchfulness, uncertainty, confusion and hopes in the future.

All this new unprecedented situation from the economic, financial, labor, human and social point of view that not only affects the usual markets and structures of the offline world but also the technological digital world online including ours over here in the blockchain, seems to inspire and lead people to generate an increasing amount of content talking and speculating about the virtual future. Yeah! ...Tha Future.

Expectations, expectations, expectations and then hopes.

If you really believe in the future, it is not that this is going to hurt you. Nope, not in the least. But just to conclude this post and reflection. From now on, let me just add one last audiovisual scientific evidence to better illustrate what I wanted to convey and mean in this article. From my extravagant "scientist" point of view.

«-Doppler Effect-»

Yep! don't worry. The video will start playing from the minute 1:15:21 and the short segment of the video that I have selected to describe and illustrate the concept of what I am going to explain next does not last long either. I suggest you watch it in full. Yeah, only the one related to the Doppler Effect. Later on, if you wish, you can calmly watch the full documentary. I assure you that you are going to love it. :)

But what I really wanted to conclude in relation with the future, the potential and possible existence of the future or simply our perception of the future, is specifically the following:

Regardless of your light perceptions toward red-shifts or blue-shifts. Regardless of your sound perceptions toward high-pitch or low-pitch changes, you as an observer you are perceiving everything only from the peculiar position and perspective of your own mind. And this peculiar position and perspective usually never matches anyone else's. Merely for three simple reasons:

  1. No one simultaneously occupies the same position at the same time in the same space-time. And much less in the "frequencies" of your own mind.

  2. There will never be such a thing as the future if you just remain static and not in constant motion. The future never comes to you, you have to move to find it.

  3. If you are unable to perceive light red-shifts or blue-shifts and sound changes in the frequency and tone between what is approaching or moving away, then my friend, there is no future for you no matter what you hope. ¡This is all pure physics!

    Leave a comment. Share your experiences and feedback. ¡Be part of the conversation!


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Cranky Gandalf



guau amazing learn about phisical quamtum, well we are here and this is not the present is the future of the past, fortunetely if we are live we continued recover this amazing world.

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