Human dignity, the foundation of a new economy after Covid-19.

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«-Food for Thought-»

Sorry anglos. Sorry folks. I couldn't find this video in english anywhere. Maybe you can know of some trick to translate it in real time that I don't know about yet. But anyway, I think you all should learn another languages way beyond your english mother tongue asap. Just try it, it will do you good.

Perhaps this way, you could be aware that there are many, a lot of outstanding thinking beings in this planet who can express amazing disruptive concepts with remarkable knowledge about humanity in multiple different languages well away of your mainstream beloved english tongue. I know there are.

Oh! but don't worry pals. I still have a very insightful and revealing video in your mother tongue quite instructive, enlightening and interesting for you to enjoy this weekend.

¿How to detect a porn addict?

¿Haven't you learned something new yet?

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So true. We need to rebuild society to benefit the group collective.

Happy Saturday!